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Other ectopic ladies out there?

Hello All,

I am currently 4w2d preggo with my third preggo. My first two resulted in ectopics on the left side with my left tube removed. This time I am having different symptoms and would really love some feedback from other ectopic survivors. I have pain in my hips and lowerback that can pulse down my legs. Most of the hip and back pain is located on my right side. I had my HCG done on Thursday and it came back at 45 which my doc says is fine for how earl;y i am (period isnt even due untill tomorrow 31 day cycle). Has anyone else had these kinds of pains with an ectopic? Does anyone know the minimum HCG to see something in the uterus? How early did everyone else start to feel ectopic symptoms? Any feed back or sharing of your experience would be greatly appreciated.....Im terrified right now but want to face facts no matter what they might be.


  • hi,

    I was treated last halloween for ectopic in my left tube still having pain, same pain in same place which does go across and into my left hip sometimes not both though & not down my legs & i always have suffered from back pain so i wont count that either. By dates i was 8 weeks when treated me with methotrexate, but i knew before then something wasnt right it took weeks & 2 misdiagnoses before they found it. one was my gp who i told to refer me to epu as HCG was slow rising, she was still thinking on the lines of a pregnancy on its way out, & the other was the epu who after scan said i had complete miscarriage as uterus was empty. only for i have a little upstairs my story could be very different!

    I think HCG should be about 1000 before anything is clearly visible on scans usually around the 5-6 week mark to see a heartbeat. As for when i had symptoms i was an early tester & it was more the continuous +ve tests after 1.5 days of bleeding & the epu appointment that alerted me, & the fact i was still getting them & that they were getting stronger rather than weaker & continuous pg symptoms, exhaustion, cramps bit nauseous at times. Luckily i never got as far as the classic ectopic symptoms of collapse etc.

    I would hope hon that 3 in a row would be extremely unusual if not nealry unheard of & please god your bean is in the right spot.

    best of luck to you ;\) please update us when you know more xxx
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