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very quick and random query

I've just had my 3 week follow up appt in EPAU after erpc. Everything is as it should be and i was pretty adament i'd ov'd this weekend BUT the Dr scanning me said my endometrium was 10mm with no signs of recent follicular activity and i'm still in the proliferative phase of my cycle - then she went on to say i may've ovulated after all and to expect af in 2 weeks or so. Which is it?! I know i'm a nurse but even to be that was just foreign - can anyone help?!

Fairy x


  • I'm a nurse as well, although not gynae. Did you not ask why she changed her mind? xx
  • Well i kept asking her if only being in the 'proliferative' stage (since googled - apparently it's the stage before ov which i thought it might be) at cd25-26 was ok after an erpc and if the thickness of the endometrium was normal (i was doing her head in i could tell but tough!) and she ended up shrugging and saying said 'well you may have ovulated but i can't see if you have' so i assumed she meant that as the 'lack of follicular activity' and told me to expect af in 2 weeks. I felt like she was just fobbing me off cuz she just couldn't tell what was going on but cuz she knew i was a nurse i'd automatically understand the jargon and what was happening to my body which couldn't be further from the truth! I'm going to wait for my official pelvic scan post af as part of the investigations which should give me a clearer picture! The only thing helpful from today was she said my uterus and ovaries were normal!

    What sort of area do you work in? I'm infection control (ha ha) !!

    Fairy x
  • At least you got a small positive out of the visit. Otherwise sounds pretty pointless! What makes you so sure you have ov'd?

    I always call it the follicular stage, but that's because I'd have trouble saying proliferative!

    I work on a medical short stay ward. Not all short stay though, depends on bed state! HCC did an inspection the other week, so infection control top of out list at the mo! xx
  • Well i had some crampy pain and my cm has been wet to ew over the weekend plus i think my opk was pos altho i can't be sure cuz i've not done one before - may not have been. If i haven't then my hormones are just being crazy and i want them to settle asap!!

    Follicular makes more sense - stupid Dr with her crazy language!!

    Ah, good old IPC - we're bloody everywhere!!
  • At the end of the day you have to go with what your body is telling you. Good luck, you're in the 2ww! Well nearly 1ww! lol xx
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