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Did anyone watch it last night? I found it quite hard to watch as clare was saying all those things to casey about when she lost her baby? Did anyone else feel the same? x


  • Sorry missed it last night.
    There is alot on T.V recently about mc & preg people.
    I watched hollyoaks wks ago & a woman on there had bad news at her scan. I didn't watch it after that as I was still too upset at the time but found out recently that she'd had a mmc.
    I said to OH its funny how I'd never heard of mmc before & then a wk after I have 1 its on T.V about it.
    It makes OH really mad, he hates soaps at the best of time.
  • it was sad to watch with claire and casey ext. stuff like that always makes me think of molly the baby i misscaried at 12+weeks and my nephew who passed away at 2days. i didnt like that casey but i did actually feel sorry for her a bit at the end
  • helennic, my oh is the same, we had never heard of a mmc till we had one. I think people should be made more aware that it can happen without you knowing. i still find it hard to watch things like it and mine was 10 month ago.
    SukiB, i handled mine a quite well i think, although i was a bit like her by thinking i was stil pregnant and they had got it wrong, but after the first few days it sunk in and hit me that my baby was no longer there. x x x
  • Hi
    I was told I had to wait a week & go back for another scan to check there was deff no babies. So for that week I still had hope, even when I started bleeding I thought well maybe I'm just losing 1 baby ( I was having twins) but the other will be ok. I think you just grab hold of any hope.

    I'v been ok for a few weeks but went back to wrk on mon & found that hard, so I'v felt abit down the last few days.

    My best friend has just had her 12wk scan, she started TTC a mth after me. I'm hoping that it wont take me long to get a BFP as I think I'll find it hard as she gets further on.

    Helen x x

  • Hi helen.
    You poor thing. Reading your post put tears in my eyes.
    I was only aloud a week of work.
    I see your pointa bout your friend. " week after my d n c my best friend rang me and said she thinks she is pregnant but doesnt want to do a test as she will feel guilty. I told her to do one, and made out i wasnt bothered at all. And she was pregnant. Then 2 weeks after she has her 12 week scan i found out i was pregnant. She had her baby 2 week ago and when i saw him i couldnt help thinking my baby would of been nearly 3 month now. But we have to be strong.
    I really hope you get a BFP very soon. x x x
  • Hi abbey
    Thanks so much.
    I hope I'm as lucky as you & get preg soon. I feel it will help a great deal, it's hard but hopefully we'll get there in the end.

    I spoke to a friend from wrk about it, she's had a horrible time getting her 2 kids. She had an ectopic, then lost 1 at 5mths, she had her littlle girl who's now 6, then she lost another at 7mths, then she had her little boy who's 19mths. If she can get through all that then I can.

    Take Care
    Love Helen x x
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