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FAO MrsDAO and Renee18

Hey ladies.

Havent been on here much since my BFP, as I feel a little like a fraud. But I miss you ladies! I thought i'd check in and see how you are.

Anyway, love to you both, and anyone else who reads this.

Please let me know how you are all doing!

Gemma xxx


  • Hello Gemma!!

    Great to hear from you. I have been sneakily reading same of your posts on other forums so delighted to hear that you're doing well!!! What's the latest update?

    I'm fine. Just at that point now when I am stressing out about af coming. If CD1 was the mc I would have started af on Sat but only got some light brown spotting which is still coming so I am hoping the real thing arrives soon so we can get back to ttc. Then hopefully we will be joining you in pregnancy before too long!

    I am a bit in limbo on the forums just now. Can't really join ttc yet so just loitering here and waiting for the fun to begin again!
    How've you been feeling?
    Sending you a big hug
  • Im so so glad you replied. Ive looked at posts you have written on here as well and feel like I 'know' you! I smiled the broadest smile when I saw your reply and it almost brought tears to my eyes reading it!!!

    You sound so so much more positive. Im ok. I have been so so sick in this pg. Hubby keeps reminding me how much I wished for this last time and didnt get it and I know I really wanted it but being sick is so horrid! Im glad for all the other symptoms though and still, after 8 weeks, wake up every day and poke and prod my boobs (on my way to the bathroom to be sick!) to check they still hurt!

    Had my mw appointment this morning. Was really frightened and aprehensive as all I could think of was the worst phonecall ever, cancelling the last mw app, and I was on edge the whole time. She was lovely though.

    Im really praying that af makes an appearance for you soon as I believe everyone in this forum needs a good chance.

    Keep in touch xxx
  • Thanks Gemma,
    As soon as lady af comes I'll be posting and celebrating and doing a dance!

    God it must have been so scary with the mw this morning, I am honestly dreading next time (even though I'm also dying for it to happen) with all these milestones to get over.
    I have to say it all sounds pretty good though!! Being so sick is awful but its SUCH a good sign that things are progressing nicely. I never actually puked but was very nauseous when i was pg and it wasn't pleasant at all.
    When is your first scan? Are you going to wait for 12 weeks or will they give you an early one or are you too scared to go? I don't know how I'll feel when my time comes. In one way scans just remind me of the mc and I kind of feel like leaving it up to nature but on the other hand I don't know if I'll manage to wait it out.

    Finally did your mw date you?
    So exciting and I have all fingers crossed that you keep puking (heh heh!!) and that your little bean keeps growing big and strong. I'm sure it will!
  • MW dated me from mc so not really sure of dates and she agreed that it wasnt easy to date. Will just need to wait for scan.

    Me and Hubby discussed an early scan as I think I couldve got one if I wanted one but we both decided against it. We both said that there is very little that can be done if a mc is going to happen and I would rather not see bean in there beforehand, happy and with a hb, only to feel even more devestated if something was to go wrong. So, as hard as it is, were going to wait for the official scan (which I think will be earlier anyway as by dates im 8 + 3 today and she sent the request form off after the app). She felt my tummy and asked what we thought about the prospect of twins which scared the crap out of both of us! Weve waited this long so another couple of weeks wont hurt. Busy at school for the next couple of weeks too so will hopefully fly by!

    Its lovely to hear you sounding so positive after a lousy couple of months. Hows school at the moment? Have you been able to go back ok? (I hope I have the right sure I do!)
  • School is fine. I have a" challenging" class at the mo so it's certainly fun-filled and every day is flying by. I went straight back after midterm (when I mc'd) and only had to take one day later to go to the EPU to confirm all tissue was gone. It's been a lifesaver actually. As soon as I was back in my routine I began to feel normal, although the first 2 days were hard as I had to tell a lot of people.
    I am feeling a lot more positive now. I do get a little bit emotional usually on a Friday after a long week when I'm worn out and have had a glass of wine. Apart from that though I feel fine and ready to go again.
    One question, are you able to cope at school with the morning sickness? Have you been sick during the school day?? I don't know what I'd do if my LA wasn't in the room I couldn't leave the kids. (I teach Primary1 - Scotland). I think I would have to get sick in the bin or something!! How are you managing?
    I can't believe you're 8+3 already - that has flown by! Won't be long til your first scan now hun! I saw hb etc before mc and it really didn't make it any easier so I think you're probably right. As long as you're not stressing yourself out worrying then you should go with the flow and it's getting closer to that magical 12 weeks every day!!

  • Im finding morning sickness at work a real challenge, although I do have a full time LSA who is also a HLTA and this means I can leave her with my class. (Shes a 1-1 normally but apart from him my class is ok). So far I have only had to leave the class once, on Friday, as im so dead against being sick (really hate it) that I have many mechanisms developed over the years that stop me actually being ill (havent worked all the time though!) I havent really been thinking about the pg too much for fear of worrying myself so time seems to have flown by. Glad we havent opted for an early scan as want the opportunity to see everything and would hate to de denied the 12 week one coz I had an early one. MW seemed happy today anyway.

    I still feel absolutely knackered on Friday...was so done in last week that I was poorly...went to bed at 4pm when I got home and didnt wake up till 6am the next day!!!

    Glad ur feeling good...hopefully af will arrive soon then we can start comparing pg symptoms.

    So glad we got to talk again!
  • oh Gemmiebaby, i just saw that.
    I am so happy for you, i was looking around for your posts to make sure that you are okay, and thank God you are.
    I feel much bettr now, i was suffering from retained tissue that came out at last, and the ovarian cyct i had subsided, my 2nd af just ended. I am ready to try again, but i still suffer from low progesterone, so will be taking agnus castus in the first 2weeks of my cycle, the progesterone tablettes in the second half of my cycle and lets hope for the best.

    I am so glad to hear from you, be strong hun and remember, sickness is a sign of healthy pregnancy, i only suffered from nausea in my last pregnancy and there was no actual sickness. So that is good news
    Renee xx
  • Oh Renee...I was really quite worried as I know things werent easy for you. Its so great to hear from you and hear that you are being so so positive. I feel like crap! However, Im trying so hard not to complain because I know that this is nothing compared to the pain I felt last time, and us ladies went through together.

    Im glad to hear from both of you and hope we can be discussion pg symptoms soon now your both back on track!
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