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Getting really down

Hey everyone dont know if you have read my last post but i lost my baby on weekend and im just really finding it har dto deal with. I have not cried yet and im so scared to cause if i do then i might not stop i all most feel in control this way and dont want to lose control. I just feel so low like just dont know where to go from here and which direction is best for me.
Sorry for going on
love kim


  • Hi,
    I can sort of understand as I had a MC and found out at my 12 week scan, we had been trying for 2yrs and I had lost my Dad earlier this year so it all came as a shock. I had a DNC 3 weeks ago now and didnt really cry at all while I was off work, I took about a week and a half off work and the night before I was due to return I had a total breakdown and just couldnt stop crying, I think everything had hit me at once.
    I would say try to cry as sometimes its worse to let it build up and then if you dont it could lead to depression, I did find the support of people on this site really helped and hense I am on it everyday for support and just to chat to others.
    Have you considered going to see a counsellor or maybe talking to a family member about how you feel?
    I am just trying to keep myself busy now, sounds silly but I am planning a new kitchen, started University at the weekends which I find is helping a lot.
    My thoughts are with you at this time and remember we are all here for when you want to talk,
  • Hi Kim
    I cried none stop for 2wks after my mc. Dont keep it all in, I think it really helps to let your emotions out.
    Anytime you need to talk were all here.
    take care
    love Helen

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  • I broke down in hosp but pulled myself together and went bcak to work 4 days later. I didn't cry again until my 2nd day back because everyone was so nice and I spent every hour fighting the tears. I just want to forget.......
  • Hope you're feeling a little better.
    My grandad called in today just as I was arranging flowers my hockey team had sent and said 'what have they sent those for? People don't send flowers unless they want something!'
    I saw him later and he was really apologetic - said he 'forgot' guess life goes on for everyone else!!!!
    Big hugs for us all xxxxxxx
  • Thanks all of you all your messages all mean so much and have really helped. Im feeling a bit more positive today just really sorting it all out in my head and also me and hubby are now talking about going to see fertility nurse next week to see where we stand and all that stuff so thinking ahead.
    Hope you are all keeping well and thinking of you always and as it baby loss awareness day tom il be lighting my candle and thinking all my baby and all of yours

    Take care big hugs to you all

  • Hi
    I'm really sorry for your loss. I too lost my baby two weeks ago and at first I just couldn't cry. The stress of the D&C just took over and when it was all finished I just felt relieved. But two days later I just couldn' t keep it all in and started crying all the time and it lasted for a whole week. It was awful but it did help a lot. Don't worry about losing control, if you need to cry then it might be best to let it happen. I feel a bit better now but there are still many things that upset me and I just start crying again. I think it' s part of the healing process in a way.
    Hope you feel better soon, love , Lola
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