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3 days after erpc

A quick question for anyone that has had an ERPC. I haven't had any pain (which is a relief as I know they warned me I might) but I have felt a bit uncomftable - which is understandable I know. But I feel most uncomftable when my bladder is full (like when I wake up). I keep going for a wee so my bladder doesn't get full. Its not really uncomfortable but I just wondered if others had felt this? Sorry if tmi!
I am ammusing it is my bladder pushing on where they have been poking around - but I want to check others have felt this?


  • Hi newbiemum,
    Im sorry to be chatting to you under these horrible circumstances. I had an erpc on 31st march. I didnt have any pain either & bleeding wasnt too heavy for about 1 week. I would say i had uncomfortable pains when ineeded toilet yes & also very sore when ineeded a no. 2(sorry tmi). IT eased off after 2 weeks so hopefully yours will too

    Take care Annette xx
  • Hello

    I had an ERPC on 23rd March, and yes I felt and had similar thing to you, hurt to wee and felt particuarly uncomfortable! Its lasted about 3 days and then totally eased off and went away. As did the very small amount of bleeding that I had which was about 1 week. Since then I've been absolutely fine and got my AF yesterday so 33 days after ERPC. My cycles is usually 28/29 days so not too far out really?!

    Anyway newbiemum, I hope it eases off soon, and you start to feel good again soon, thinking of you.

    Love Lou x
  • Hi, I had mine on 6th of April and I was the same too, I think it must be a little bit of internal bruising from the procedure. How are you feeling otherwise?
  • Hi,
    After my first I had cramping much like period pain and generally tender. I felt a bit more battered and sore after the second. I think it is quite normal for your bladder to feel tender as they may have pressed on this area a bit during the procedure as it lies in front of your uterus. Generally after 2 weeks you should feel a lot better.
    I hope you feel better soon.
    Lilou xx
  • Hi Thanks all -glad u all felt the same bladder feelings and I am not odd! lol! It didn't seem to be mentioned in the leaflet I got so I had wondered if it was something I should be more worried about.
    But tbh there wasn't much info in the leaflets about afterwards, just about the op its self. Anyone else find this? I also have no follow up appointment with anyone. I have been given the name and number of a counciler (sp?) but only cos I asked but I don't think we need to see them. Did any of you see anyone after?
    I felt like none of the hospital staff had any emotions about what I was going thro - all staff ignored the fact I was crying during blood pressure being taken etc before op. Only hubby seemed to care I know they see millions of women like me and it is their job - it just makes you feel like your over reacting to the situaction when I know I wasn't - I was very brave
  • Hello newbiemum,

    No I had no follow up apt either I was told if there was anything I was unsure of to go and see my GP and perhaps in 6 weeks time go and see them anyway. I have to say I am now not really in the least bit interested in seeing my GP as I am feeling a lot better having got through the worst of it on my own and with the help of everybody on here.

    They don't really give you a lot of information when your there and lets face it everything they do tell you doesn't really sink in because of the state you are in!!

    I felt very alone in there and if it wasn't for hubby being around many have driven myself mad!

    Hope you are feeling better hun.

    Love Lou x
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