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Thought i would say hello as I was the one who requested this forum! Hope this one is useful for everyone who like myself has suffered 3 mc, although I have a gorgeous little boy xx


  • Great idea Lisa. This is a good idea as I having been using babycentre recurrent miscarriage support for support, and would be good to get it from here. It would be worth putting a post in the TTC after mc forum and micarriage forum to spread the word.

    So how long ago did you have your last mc? Have you been referred to any rucurrent mc clinic?

    I am similar to you in that I have a child already, but have 4 mcs in total, 3 of which are recurrent (Feb 08, Sept10, feb 11, and June 11). I have had blood tests done after the mc in Feb 11 all came back normal except one - the one which can lead to blood clotting. But a subsequent test then showed it as normal. I was on aspirin for my last pg, but it ended in mc. I have a bicornate uterus which is common for having later mcs. I have been referred to St Mary's recurrent mc clinic in london and waiting for 1st appointment. I am 39 years old, 40 in March.

    looking forward to hearing more about you.
  • Hiya, yeah I've been using the other site too but prefer this one! I'm 36 (just, ha ha!). I had a mmc before my little boy who has just turned 2. I then had a natural mc in April and a mmc a month ago. Docs agreed to do bloods and then would consider referring me if they didnt come back ok. Im not happy with that but as it happens my lovely MIL has offered to pay for testing so I'm gonna take her up on it and get all the tests done. Im just waiting for my first period then will book a consultation. I will do a post on the other sites when I have two mins. Take care xx
  • Thanks for asking for this Lisa, I was wondering if a reccurrent mc forum would be set up. I too have been looking on the babycentre one but never posted on it. Well i've had 3 in a row, all completely gutting but by the third it wasn't a surprise, I think i've just got used to coming out of a scan in tears. I recently had an ovarian cyst removed which my consultant thinks was just 'incidental' and didn't cause the mc's, and all my blood tests have come back normal so I have no idea at all why I can't keep a baby :cry: I can't accept that we've just been unlucky, which is what I keep being told, especially as I know 14 women in the last 18 months who have fallen pg and not one of them were unlucky (not that I want them to be) but in that space of time I have been 3 times, so there must be something wrong with me. I've got to the point now that when someone announces their pregnancy i'm furious because it's my turn not theirs, irrational I know and I can't be happy for them, even when they're my friends, I feel like the worlds biggest bitch.

    How do you get referred to a recurrent mc clinic? I'm 32 and have no children and starting to worry that I never will x
  • Hi kwn_32. I am so so sorry for your losses, they are horrible. I sometimes feel guilty for feeling so fed up when I have one child and there are others that don't. I've done lots of research on the net about recurrent miscarriage. My docs agreed to the bloods for me but nothing else till these were done. Even if they came back clear there are other things they can check for which can be done by a scan or x-ray. It may be something other than bloods. Your docs can refer you to a rmc clinic if you ask them to, however some may not agree. I think given that you have had 3 they should do this. I really dont know how much money you have but if you can afford it I would get an initial consulation with a rmc clinic (I know the one I am going to is ??385). Tell them your history and what you have had done and they will help you, even if it is just advice and where to go etc etc. Where do you live? If you cannot afford I would defo go back to the docs and push for further tests, they can scan you to make sure everything ok and there are x-rays they can do. Plus they can check for natural killer cells which ive read a lot about. Im waiting for my first period then gonna make an appointment. I hope this helps a bit. Oh by the way, have a read of this, its really helpful.

    Oh as well just to say I had a 5cm dermoid cyst removed and I became pregnant with my son 4 months later so I wouldnt worry about that.

    Lisa x
  • Thanks for that Lisa, i've not got time tonight to read the article, i'll have a look in the morn though. I guarantee my doc won't refer me as i'm in the RAF so I don't have a normal dr, I feel like I get fobbed off because of this, I think we have to be seen as being 'tougher' than the rest and should be able to cope, not true of course! I think we may end up looking at going for private tests however at the moment we're in N Scotland so we'd have to wait until we move further south which hopefully will be in the new year.

    I hope you're feeling ok, I just replied to your other thread in ttcam xx
  • Hello ladies,

    Thanks for asking for this Lisa. I have been following another rmc thread on another site, but never posted. Its good to have one here.

    S-evans - I would be very interested in hearing how you get on at St mary's as I am thinking of asking for a private referral there.

    As some may know, I have been ttc since I was 40 and just had my third mc in the last year and as I am now an older lady (42) time is running against me somewhat. I sadly don't have any live children.

    I got referred by a nice Gp to another recurrent mc clinic in South London and the tests they ran have now showed two things. My thyroid was not working properly so I am now on thyroxine as high levels of tsh can lead to mc. They also told me last week that I have a mutant gene which means I have something called factor v leiden, which can lead to increased risk of clotting although there is no agreed treatment as research on this is fairly scarce as it was only picked up in the 1990s. So some docs will give heaprin etc whilst others wont and my doctor is worried as I have another hereditary problem which means they do't want to give me aspirin or heparin........I would really want to try though if I am fortunate enough to get a bfp again. Its not the same as the anti phospholipid problem which some women have.

    Kwn - don't give up and hopefully when you move you might get more assistance. IS there anyway that you could be seen outside of the RAF hospital system?

    Hope you are all keeping ok ladies.

    Love to all of you

    Apple x
  • Just been away on annual leave and back at work today.

    It is nice to share our experiences with people who have went through the same problems.

    How is everyone coping with it emotionally? I can totally emphasise with Kwn - I now hate seeing people pregnant or becoming pregnant. I feel quite isolated and bit depressed. Been seeing an counseller (sp?) at work -which has been okay, but still think there are deep routed problems inside me. Anyone got any suggestions on how to remain positive?
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