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Not sure where to post this ... periods after miscarriage

Hi I had my second miscarriage in June (passed by medical management). I had my first period 27 days after.

I am now on day 31 of my cycle but still no sign of period ... we have been using protection as not ready to try again yet. Has anyone else experienced irregular periods after m/c?



  • Hiya, I wouldnt worry too much 31 days is fine. It can take quite a while for your periods to come back sometimes. Ive had 3 horrid mc and all have been different. Think it can take up to six weeks plus sometimes. Ive recently mc and im still bleeding 5 weeks on! Its doing my head in, I want my first period. I know how you feel hun, its rubbish but hang on in there. xx
  • I have had very irregular periods after my mc in March. One was 2.5 weeks, one was 3 weeks, one was 5 weeks and one was 4. I think its very common to become irregular. Really hope things settle down for you.

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