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Some words of comfort

I have just noticed this new forum and thought that all of you who are suffering with recurrent mc might want a story with a happy ending to give you hope.

In total I have been pregnant 7 times - 4mc and 3 beatiful children.

My first mc was in 2002 not long after we decided to start trying. I was 10 weeks and ended up with a d&c and days in hospital. They discovered I had pcos which gave my some answers to problems I had.

I then struggled to conceive and it took 4.5 years, metformin and clomid to have my oldest son in 2007. For the first 12 weeks I was in and out of hospital with bleeding and being told not to get my hopes up as i would probably miscarry I made it to my scan and his heart was still beating - I was in and out of hospital throughout pregnancy with bleeding and complications always being told to be realistic. I was induced at 38weeks and had a wonderful little boy.

I was told by consultant to complete my family quickly as I needed an op as a result of the birth. So we never used contraception and I went back on metformin when I stopped bf when my ds1 was 8months old.

In June 2008 I found out I was pregnant and we were soo excited. Unfortunatley when I went for my 12 weeks scan they discovered I had a missed miscarriage and was booked in for an erpc. The stress of this and the op itself overloaded my body and I ended up with shingles on my right side of my face and in my right eye. This gave me a constant migraine for months (I still get them alteast once a week now)

IN AUgust 2008 we found out we were expecting again but i wasn't hopeful, I was right to not be excited as I miscarried in September and had to have another erpc.

In October 2008 I was pregnant again this time we weren't trying as we were waiting for a specialist appointment to investigate what was happening. However just before xmas (4 days before) I ended up in hospital again with a missed mc and had to have another erpc that caused complications with the anaesthetic. We were devastated but had to keep it together for my lo. i came out on xmas eve to spend xmas with my family.

In January 2009 I had my app for investigations. They checked my husbands little people (made him over the moon with the results - said he felt like a proper man!!!) Then discovered my body wasn't producing hormones quick enough at beginning of pregnancy to chnage things like my blood etc. So I went to fertility clinic for regular app and scans. I was on Metformin and clomid for pcos and had a scan during ov to make sure my eggs were ok.

I was also on triple dose of folic acid as my body wasn't absorbing enough and a low dose of aspirin to thin my blood and prevent blood clots forming between the placenta and the uterus wall. Then I would go for another scan when my AF was due to check that my body was doing the cycle effectively as my cycles varied from 30 days to 130 days!!

In April 2009 I found out I was pregnant again and had it confirmed at my AF scan. I then had a scan every 2 weeks to check growth. I was told to not do strenous activity and sex! I felt like stying in bed but had to go to work. We were convicned it wasn't going to work and we coldn't do it any more i had decided my son was gonig to be an only child.

I didn't relax until my 20week scan where they said he was fine and then relaxed some more once i got to 24weeks - where baby was viable if the worst was to happen. I was in and out of hospital with other complications and again was induced at 38weeks. (I still checked my underwear every day

until the day my ds2 was born!! convinced I was gonig to see blood and it would all be over)He was due on xmas day 2009 but came 11 days before.

THat was it we had our 2 lovely sons and I decided my couldn't do it again. My births hadn't been nice and I couldn't go through the possibility again.

However my husband said it might be nice for a 3rd when my 2nd son was 8months old but I said it wouldn't happen as my hormones don't work at all while I was bf.

In december 2010 we found out I was pregnant again without any drugs or folic acid etc. I panicked as I was convinced I would mc as I hadn't taken any tablets to prevent it. I went to drs as soon as they were open after the holidays and they gave me aspirin and high dose folic acid. I didn't get an early scan and was on edge night and day I was constantly checking convinced that I would see blood. When I finally got to my 12week scan I was so convinced that I had had another missed mc that I asked for my children and my mum to wait in the waiting room while they confirmed it as i didn't want my children to go through the heartache. I nearly fell off the table when they said everything was fine and showed the heartbeat.I didn't stop worrying until I was 24weeks and viable again despite my 20week scan being fine and them telling us we were having a little girl this time.

I was induced early again due to my complications and had her on the 29th July this year.

My family is now complete and I know I won't be having anymore.

I know I have waffled on lots and lots and I haven't really gone into how I felt (I gather people on this forum will already know how I felt)

I just thought some of you might want to know that there can be light at the end of the tunnel and good things comes to those that wait. I certainly appreciate my 3 children and know how lucky I am to have them. At times we both thought our family wasn't going to be possible and we couldn't do it anymore. I am so glad we kept going through the pain.

I hope i haven't offended anyone


  • it is so good to read positive stories, gives us some encouragement. Was it from one of your blood tests when they discovered about your hormone levels? What impact did your hormone levels have on your previous pgs - ie how did they cause the mcs? What clinic did you go to for treatment? sorry for all the Q's just really interested.

    you must be so happy nowimage
  • Hi, congratulations, you really have had a rough time! Its so nice to hear lovely stories so thank you xx
  • Well you haven't offended anyone i'm sure, it's so good to hear stories with a happy ending and thank you for sharing it with us. It sounds like you've been through the mill, congratulations on your family. I'm stuck in that dark place where i'm not convinced i'll be able to give my husband our much wanted baby, after 3 mc's, supposedly fine blood tests and no support whatsoever from the nnhs I can't see a light at the end of the tunnel yet.

    Thank you for sharing your story, it really does help to know that it can work out in the end xx
  • That made me cry- in a happy and sad way!! Thank you for sharing your story and giving us all hope xx
  • Thank you for sharing your story, really given me some hope and changed my perspective at a moment where I feel like giving up xxx
  • Oh wow what an amazing story of courage and strength. I am so pleased how everything worked out in the end, the pain of wanting children and miscarriage is so hard- i have learnt that sometimes it is a long road- stories like this show that happy endings do happen

    Thank you for sharing x
  • it is so good to read positive stories, gives us some encouragement. Was it from one of your blood tests when they discovered about your hormone levels? What impact did your hormone levels have on your previous pgs - ie how did they cause the mcs? What clinic did you go to for treatment? sorry for all the Q's just really interested. you must be so happy nowimage

    Ask away I don't mind.

    Yesit was from blood tests that they found my hormone levels - only by chance though as I happened to have them done on just the right day.

    My body didn't accept pregnancy easily so didn't adapt by doing what it was supposed to do - preparing for implantation etc so it was a real uphill struggly for a pregnancy to stick and grow - my children had to be fighters from the start!!

    I went to a fertility clinic as well as gynae clinic - same consultant though.

    kwn_32 - I know how you feel about it never happening. I felt like that before I had my first as it took so long and I ended up getting up at 5am to run to lose more weight before doing a days work as a desperate attempt to get pregnant. I then felt like we would never be able to give my oldest a sibling after all of the miscarriages and I was getting to the point where I couldnt face the chance of having to go though another miscarriage as it would have destroyed me. But luckily with all the help that I got and I am sure they gave me help as I was already seeing gynae I didn't go through it again.

    I am glad it has helped some people to read my story as people don't always realise how sad and low going though a mc can make you.

    Good luck to all of you. I keep my fingers crossed for all of you that next time will be your timeimage
  • Thank you for your story, its giving me a hope that might be us will see light at the end of the tunnel very soon image
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