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3rd time unlucky :(

i'm so sad at the moment...just started my 3rd miscarriage image

i have a nearly two year old little boy so when he turned 1 we thought we start trying again and got pregnant the first month. I was literally pregnant for a week and then my period started so that was a chemical pregnancy. about 3 months later i was pregnant again with all the symptoms and got to 10 weeks when i had a tiny bit of spotting, went straight to hospital and as soon as they turned the scan on they lady told us it's not good news. she showed me the screen the sac was there but there was nothing in it!!!!! i was like, where on earth is the baby?? i never heard of blighted ovum, i can't believe your body can play such tricks on go till nearly 12 weeks with feeling sick, bloated, nauseous....and with no baby there image as my body didn't want to miscarry naturally i had the D&C the same day as my 12 week scan was booked image

then we tried for a few months to get pregnant but it wasn't happening and i didn't understand why as i always caught so early then i worked it out!! after the operation noticed i hardly had any CM so we bought some preseed and first time trying it i got pregnant the third time....10 days I knew that i'm PG and then the spotting started again...i'm quite upset, can't believe it's happening again....i haven't even signed on to the due in forum and i'm glad i didn't. so the journey continues....hope it's 4th time lucky next time! sorry my post doesn't really make sense i just needed to get it out. thank you xxxx
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