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2nd miscarriage in 2012, hospital dragging the experience out


I'm currently experiencing my second miscarriage of 2012 and am feeling rather fed-up by the whole thing. Just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience.

I suffered my first miscarriage in Jan this year. I was approx 6 weeks. I suddenly started bleeding really heavily with clots when I was at work on a Wedsnesday. I immediately phoned the GP and got an appointment for that evening. I saw the GP and he sent me to EPAU thinking it was a walk in, but they told me I had to be referred through A&E, so I went and sat in A&E for 3hours. I saw a lovely doctor who checked my cervix and told me it was still closed (some hope), she tried to refer me to the EPAU they said the earliest they could book me in for a scan was the following Monday. I had to go home and wait for 5 days before I could know anything further. At the scan I was told they couldn't find a pregnancy, but they were concerned it could be ectopic as they could see a shadow. So I was sent for a blood test, which was repeated 48hours later and then had another scan the following Monday, by which time they confirmed a complete miscarriage. Overall this experience lasted 10 days.

I'm not complaining about any of the treatment I recieved as everyone who dealt with me was very kind and supportive, just how long it took.

My second miscarriage is happening now, bizzarely it began on Wednesday. I was 6+3, this time it started very differently, with spotting and some light bleeding, I went straight to the GP who knew how the EPAU worked and phoned them directly to book me in for an early scan, again she checked my cervix and it was closed. But it turns out that still the earliest I could have the scan was the following the Monday, a 5 day wait again!! Over these 5 days the bleeding and cramping got worse and on Wednesday evening I passed a large clot whic I accpeted was me losing the baby. I went for the scan yesterday and they said they can't find the pregnancy, but didn't express any concerns. They sent me for blood tests telling me it is standard protocol. This morning they phoned and said they need another blood test from me tomorrow as it could be ectopic. All I want is to be told is you've had a miscarriage and it be done, I can't believe this experience is going on for a week again!

I know they won't look into either of these until I experience a third miscarriage, which fills me with dread as it is, but the idea of having to go through it over such a long period again makes it even more terrifying.

Sorry for long post - just wanted to share my experience.

Jojo xxx


  • Hi Jojo firstly I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage and thank you for sharing your experience with us it’s nice to know that we’re not alone in this. I am fed up after having the one miscarriage, I am an emotional wreck and when I hear news of any other family or friends falling pregnant I break down in tears. As selfish as that sounds I can’t help it.

     I had a similar experience in September 2012; I was 12 weeks pregnant and still waiting on my scan. I started experience very light bleeding, although after talking to my mum and other members of my family they said that they experienced the same when they were pregnant and everything turned out to be fine. I was trying to be positive but in the back of my mind I was still thinking what if… Me and my husband went straight to A&E, we waited for 6 hours until we were checked. The doctor checked my cervix and said it was closed, which like you said gave us some hope, we were referred to EPAU and because it was a Saturday they said we had to wait until the following Monday for a scan. That weekend was dreadful and I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for you to wait 5 days! Which is considerably a long amount of time, I wish they would have checked you sooner. On the Monday my scan showed an empty yolk sac and no baby. I wasn’t given an explanation as to why it happened but it happened. They didn’t offer me a DC and said it was better if I let my body naturally have the miscarriage it was the most painful experience had so many clots and cramping.

    They gave me another appointment after 2 weeks to check if everything had released and cleared which it had. I was able to talk to the nurse after who comforted me and she gave me an analogy of planting 6 seeds and only 4 bloom because maybe there was something wrong in the procession of those seed. It makes sense to me as in that’s what pregnancy is like you can’t predict it. She said we had to wait a cycle until we could try again. To be honest I just wanted to try straight away, but I did wait for my cycle and after that I have missed my second one but no positive pregnancy test L it is very frustrating. I think my cycle is messed up so that’s why it’s all over the place.

    I think it is great that you fell pregnant after your first miscarriage, I know it wasn’t what you wanted but think as it this way that you don’t have a problem with ovulation and you know you can fall pregnant. Your body naturally responds to something not being right when the foetus is forming in the womb and releases on its own cause. I hope that next time you fall pregnant it leads on to a positive outcome. Don’t lose hope and don’t give up (I should be saying this to myself too).

    One day you and I will be blessed with a beautiful baby.

    All the best Faiza xxx

  • Hello, I haven't the same experience but I went through the hell with my first (doctor still don't know miscarriage or ectopic)

    I was about 5 weeks, was working and this started very suddenly and heavy and I was one day before our planned holiday.

    So we took a risk and flu on holiday. I didn't have any pain or so.

    But when we back I went to Early pregnancy unit, where they scan me, and confirmed that complete miscarriage. I did pregnancy test which shown I'm still pregnant. This two weeks after miscarriage happened.

    Went EPU again, another scan again and blood tests shows my hcg level coming up!!! Very little but up. Then the thought that is ectopic pregnancy and prepare my to laparoscopy or some injection for my best.

    But thanks god my last blood test showed that my hcg level going down.

    All month I had bleeding, every week I went to EPU and had 6 blood tests..

    All this was just not easy.

    Now I'm 5 weeks pregnant, I phoned to EPU and book an early scan.

    Fingers cross all in the right place.

    I'm very sorry to hear those stories, but whatever it happened to us, it's for our best! Even lost pregnancy.

    Gods luck
  • On 12th of this month I went for our 12 week scan only to be told that our baby didn't have a heartbeat.  I was so shocked as we had had an early scan at 7 weeks where we saw a tiny baby with a healthy heartbeat and were told our pregnancy was viable.  The shock was awful and I felt sick to the pit of my stomach.  After our scan, we were taken to a ward where they checked me over and gave me my options.  With it being so close to Christmas and the fact we have a 5yr old daughter I didn't want to wait for nature to take it's course and likewise, I didn't fancy having to have pessaries in the hospital then everytime I went to the bathroom to have to go in a kidney dish, I just didn't want to risk seeing anything so I have opted for an ERPC that is being done tomorrow, 5 days after finding oout our baby had died.  It has been truly awful carrying on as nornal knowing it is in there.

    This was our second mc this year, the other was in August and was at 5 weeks and to be fair, i'd only known I was pregnant for a week so somehow it doesn't seem as bad. 

    We had an ectopic mc before we had our daughter but as I managed to escape an ectopic pregnancy without any lasting damage, I felt sort of lucky if you know what I mean.

    So, this is my third mc and I'm not sure we'll try again, I feel sick at the thought of this happening again and my age is against us. 

    We were lucky that we are able to self refer to the epau so I got an early scan easily due to previous mc but to be honest, what's the point??  I saw a heartbeat at 7 weeks and allowed myself to get excited but it was for nothing.  At the end of the day, you're not safe till the baby is in your arms. 


  • Hi I'm new to this site, I just suffered my second mmc. I had my first mmc in 2004. I thought at the time it was just a one off. I then feel pregnant in sept, went for my 8 wk scan which the baby was measuring as it should and also a strong heart beat. Went for scan on Thursday ( nearly 13 Wks) to be told iv had another silent miscarriage. I decided this time to opt for the tablets, which have not worked. I'm going in for my Dnc tomorrow. I just feel numb that this has happened for a second time. I have no children. I'm 29. I'm so worried that I won't be able to have children. Pls can anyone give any advice if they've had any success after 2 silent miscarriages. Thank you. Xx
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