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13 days after mc bleeding started again!

I had a mc on 1st Sept, I had a scan on 2nd and showed all clear (as I knew it would) I carried on bleeding until 7th Sept then nothing since. Today I've started again along with period pains and a headache just like mc started. Surely it can't be my af only 13 days post mc, can it? It's extremely unlikely its retained products coz scan showed all clear. Has anyone else had this? X


  • Hi Baby Boom,

    I had about 3-4 days with no bleeding for it to then come back again after my mmc. I was the same as you though and questioning whether it was my AF or not. However if the break between the bleeding was only a couple of days I wouldn't think it was AF. Mine eventually stopped and then I had a week or so of absolutely nothing and my AF arrived 28 days from my first day of bleeding with MC.

    Have you gone to your GP? I went to mine quite a few times for advice and she was really lovely. Basically explained to me that everyone is different and there is no 'normal' when it comes to each individual after a MC. Hope that it stops for you soon x

  • Thanks Mrs ash.

    No I've not been to doc. I can't really have anymore time off work coz my boss is been funny with me been off last week image

    I might give epu a call today, see what they think.

    I only had 6 days with no bleeding. And its only been 13 days since mc. So yeah too early for af I suppose.

    Why can't things just go back to normal!!
  • Hi BabyBoom,

    I'm not normally someone to reply on these things; I just purely read but thought I should explain my situation as it is very similar to your's.

    I too was hovering in 'Due in April' but not for long as I started miscarrying. It was my 3rd miscarriage so as soon as it started I knew what was happening. I was totally heartbroken. It has all happened in a very quick succession which maybe hasn't helped. April was the first which resulted in a D&C as they suspected a molar pregnancy but thankfully the results came back fine. I then had a Normal period, maybe a little later I'm not sure and then fell pregnant again. Once again, at about 7 weeks I started bleeding and passed everything naturally at home. And then following that I fell pregnant straight after and then started bleeding again. This miscarriage was a lot more painful emotionally but also physically. I was scanned as the bleeding subsided and she said most 'matter' had gone, apart from a small flek that will probably come away in my next period.

    However, a few days ago I started bleeding once again which initially was just a little spotting and then more of a flow. I have also had some cramping which I wouldn't normally get from my AF. All a similar area to where I was experiencing pain from the miscarriage. After 3 horrible experiences at the local hospital I am reluctant to go to my doctor as the women's unit is the last place on earth that I would like to go. I'm just going to ride it out and if it continues I'll go to talk to my lovely GP but explain that I would prefer not to visit the hospital.

    I can see from your posts that you are wanting to start straight away with trying again which is great. It worked well for us the first time I miscarried and then fell with my little boy a month later. But obviously it hasn't worked out well for us this time. We've decided to give it a little break as we're moving down south and prefer to give my body time in the hope that this was one of the reasons for these miscarriages. I've been fortunate to have blood tests and swabs completed by my GP already and nothing came up from those and she was extremely thorough. I'm now awaiting a referral to our new hospital and we'll take it from there. It's hard to imagine not trying but I know it is right for us at the moment. So, as a focus 'not to conceive' (weird!!) we have booked a holiday to New York for my OH and I with our very close friends. lots of shopping and cocktails! And lots of dieting before we go!

    Well, after my epic response, I suppose I am wanting you to know that our bodies can react in different ways to a miscarriage as can our emotions but it would seem that we are experiencing similar issues. I have been up and down. I feel pretty good right now as my hubby has returned home from some time away (MOD) but the strangest thing can pull me back down again. Initially, I was overwhelmed by what a total failure I am but as my sanity levels rose and as I read more people's stories I realised I'm not alone and so many go through much worse. I am so thankful for my little boy, but it never takes away our sheer desire for another, but I am oh so thankful for what I have. I tell you what, us women have it bloody hard!!

    Well, I hope this message finds you well.

    Bendy x
  • Hey Bendy,

    Thank-you for sharing your story with me. It was nice to hear someone else's story, especially from a due in April as we would have been about the same stage. It's heart breaking that this happens to so many of us yet its not something that's spoken about in public. I really dunno what I'd of done without BE and you lovely ladies to just listen and give me your support and vice versa.

    I really do also feel extremely lucky to have my dd and tell myself constantly that at least I have one healthy happy child. image

    I'm a bit down today coz my daugther has gone away for the weekend with my parents and its her first night away from home and the longest I've not seen her (13 hours and counting!) She's been my rock so today been tough.

    On the plus side I haven't bled dunno what yesterdays bleed was?!?! But now I've said that it will come to bite me! :/

    Good luck with your move, a new place, new start will do you all some good I'm sure.....oh and your holiday....well jel!! Lol

  • I had a miscarriage at 15w+6 on the 5th of July I then had a d&c on the 6th I stopped bleeding a week ago until today I've had really bad cramps and light spotting image any one had the same sorta experience.

    Also we have no decided to wait until after feb/March to try again as we are taking my partners little boy to Disneyland. What's the best contraception to use till then so that I fall pregnant quickly xx
  • I was 7 weeks and I mc and i have been spotting off and on and then it has stopped for a complete week and now its starting again i was wondering if anybody could give me some advice on what this could be because, i have never had clots or anything with my Actual Menstrual. But then again I was on the Depo Shot and I have never been pregnant or have I had a Miscarriage

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