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what happens now?

Hi ladies, unfortunately at my 12 week scan on wed no heartbeat was found and I only measured 7 weeks!image I was advised to have medical management as safer for me instead of surgery. Yesterday was awful I felt like I was in labour with lots of bleeding, luckily this eased off late last night and was able to get some sleep! The pain has subsided a bit today (I don't feel like I'm having contractions!)  I'm just wondering if the embryo has passed now? and the worst is over? The bleeding isn't as bad either! I just want to move on quickly from this awful experience.



  • hi carioke. im so sorry for your loss. i know how your feeling.i have 5 children but i have had 6 mc over the years,the last was in dec 12 the same as what happenig to you.i bleed for 3 weeks but i did get a infection because i took 10 days after bleeding started to pass it. they say 10 - 14 days is normal to bleed so if you still no better then demand a scan hun. i hope all works out for you. i was lucky to conceive straight after that and now im 16weeks 3days. so be strong your not alone and you will get through this and have a baby very soon xxx

  • carioke im sorry i knw how you feel

  • Hi carioke, I'm in the same position as you, got my bfp on 2nd march, I had two scans (last one we see the baby's heartbeat) but then started spotting a week later after telling everyone, I got passed all over the hospital until I actually managed to get scanned a week later, unfortunately there was no heartbeat so asked me to come in to the hospital today to start medical management, this morning when I got up I was bleeding heavier so called the hospital and they just told me not to come in and wait to miscarry later. I am now in agony with contraction like pains but somehow feel empty and numb image I now have to wait another week or so to get another scan done to confirm everything's gone

    I hope you are over the worst of it and am here if u need to talk xx
  • Thankyou for your replies ladies and I'm sorry for your losses too; my dh and I have just learned how common miscarriage is! calee sorry you've had to go through it more than once!! That must've been awful. Congratulations on your pregnancy and I can only hope we get pg again soon!! I also got my bfp 2nd march nikkik and all was fine until the scan, although I was concerned about how well I was feeling!!  I started with contraction like pains in the afternoon (after taking the tablets Thurs am) right through till 11 pm luckily they subsided and I could get to sleep. like you nikkik I also feel empty and numb, how are your pains today? mine are more like period cramps and the bleeding is lighter. I'm presuming the worst is over I just have to face the daunting task of facing everyone now!  Thanks again ladies xx  
  • hi carioke, how are you doing? hope the pain etc better.sadly like you said mc is common but you can go on to have a healthy baby. all the best and thanks for your kind words. what i did learn through my mc is that there are alot of lovely people who are willing to give you support. x

  • Hi calee, I'm having good days and bad days! I try not to think about it and keep busy but then the awful realisation hits me! I think my dh has been keeping strong for me but he broke down last night sobbing which really took me by suprise; he said he can't believe how something he hasn't even seen can affect him so much!

    I'm taking this week off work to get my head around it then I will focus on the future and keep positive (try anyway)!!

    Everyone has been so lovely and so supportive xxx

  • people forget the men hurt aswell because they are strong for us.but its good that he can show his emotions. it will get easier with time but your never foget. one day when you do have a baby you will realise why it happend and thats to make way for a healthy baby.xx

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