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Help and advice needed please

Hi everyone,

Im 28 years old and a mother of 1 little boy age 11 months.

About 4 years ago i lost 1 ovary and 1 tube and my other one was damaged in the opp i had, i was told to fall pregnant would be hard for me due to this but i beat the odds and in november 2011 i got that happy result.

10th of june 2013... i found out i was 1-2 weeks via a cbd test i was over the moon and was so happy...the following day i started bleeding image this went on for 15 days and was finaly given a scan which they saw a sac, a week later i was given another scan and was told the sac had grown in size but was a week or so out on my dates, this weekend i have had unbelieve cramps and on the day my period would have been due i started bleeding yet again image 

I phoned the midwifes and they told me i was having a m/c, i have a scan booked at 10:30 today and i feel so low.

My questions are...

How long do you bleed for when having a m/c?

Does it hurt to pass the sac/baby and how long does it take to pass?? I would be about 7 weeks.

Will i have to go for a d&c?

And how long before my partner and i can try again?

I feel very alone right now and the girls in the pregnacy forum have been fab but i feel its time i find out some more info and if any one else has hone through what im goung through....the thought of seeing the empty scan today is freaking me out image


  • Well scan told me what i kinda of knew...

    My sac was sitting at 7 weeks and 3 days last week but baby had not formed right and today there was no sac or no sign i was even pregnant image

  • Oh Sarah i am so so sorry to hear this terribly sad news. Im sending you my love and thoughts xxx

  • Thinking of u at this difficult time xxx

  • Really sorry hun. I'm still waiting to mc this pregnancy. Totally sucks doesn't it! Hope ur ok x x

  • Sorry Sarah, even though you already I know it's still horrible to have it confirmed xx

  • So sorry to hear your awful news Sarah image  when I went for my 12 week scan no heartbeat was found and only measured 7 weeks, I had the tablets and after a few hours I started with pains and blood clots but they eased off after a few hours and I then passed the sac a few days later (that didn't hurt but grossed me out!!) my bleeding lasted about 2 weeks and then had a period 4 weeks later.

    everyone deals with it differently and the hardest thing I've found is listening to other people's pg announcements and just the realisation that I won't be having a baby this year as expected.

    I tried not to think of it as loosing a baby because whatever came out of me certainly wasn't anything but a bloody sac. I also thought that that was probably a very poorly baby and wasn't meant to be!!

    It will take time and you will go through all sorts of emotions! take care hun xx

  • you'll only need an ERPC if you haven't passed everything naturally. I was told to do a pg test after 3 weeks to check my levels, mine was neg after 2 weeks so I obviously passed it all and didn't need any other treatment xx

  • Hi Carioke, how are you getting on hun? x x

  • thank you everyone for your messages it means a lot to me image

    Yes i was told to do a test in about a week but she said from my scan she could see nothing has been left behind, she said if she hadnt looked at my scan pics from the 2 weeks before she would have said i was never pregnant, she said the scan today was so clear and clean it was unreal, im hoping the bleeding dont go on too long as iv already had 15 days of it 4 weeks ago, im lucky iv not got to have any medical help to clear me out, so hoping the heeling period is a bit faster.

    Im lucky iv got my little boy iv not out him down all day, i think he knows some thing is wrong as he keeps cuddling into me and saying mumma mumma good xx

  • Awww so sorry to hear that but it's really good news that you don't need any more treatment because that means you are over the worst of the physical stuff. 

    The mental and emotional stuff will take longer to shift but in time you'll find it easier. Your little boy sounds adorable x

  • Thank you Desp2BDaddy im doing better today mentaly, i had a good heart to heart last night with my partner and i explained to him what the lady said at the scan that it should have been delt with last week as the baby had not formed right, i just want the bleeding to stop now so that i can start getting back to mormal.

    I dont feel guilty not now, she said to me it wouldnt of mattered if i had carried for anither week or so it was never going to form into a normal little peanut so it makes it a little easier todeal with.

    Its a bit easier for me in the fact iv got my son so iv got to keep going other wise i think i would be sittung crying my eyes out all the time xxxx

  • Glad u and ur partner r sticking togetha thru this, sounds like ur looking at it the right way xx

  • Thank you LH86 image

    Did i see in a post u are away to devon soon....

    Im going back down there in about 5 weeks for my sons first birthday thought id better see the family as iv not seen them since i moved to scotland in january image

    Ya me and the othet half are ok, he said he is looking forward to some bed room fun as its been a while since iv been able to let him near me, and to be honist so am im, i am very close to my other half and since the 10 th june iv been a bit distant from him, a cuddle on the aofa is fab but its not the same closeness xx


  • Yeah we go on sat. It will be nice for u to get away and I guess things will be a bit different between u guys maybe even a bit strange but as long as you're supporting each other you will get through this image how ru feeling today? X

  • Im feeling loads better bleeding almost stopped now so time to crack on and start being normal again image

    I cant wait to go down and see the family feels like years since iv seen them.

    Also my little boy seems more settled and has gone through 3 nights now of sleeping so things are good all round image


  • oh man thats so so sad. im so sorry to hear this! i really do feel for you.

  • That's great news hun x

  • Thank you louise2013 but really im ok.

    I hipe this dont come across as heartless...

    But i had a 7 week sac and only a 4 week yok so the baby had not even formed, it didnt have a heartbeat so i guess im lucky i didnt have any thing much to lose

    I hope that dont sound bad but its the way i see it x

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