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Ectopic Pregnancy ~ scared and confused

Hi All, 

well i have been ttc for 18 months and on 28/06/13 i had a positive pregnancy test. On 30/06 i went to hospital as i was bleeding and cramping. i had a scan on 1/7 and was told that my uterus was empty and although nothing could be found in my tubes that an ectopic could not be ruled out and neither could a normal pregnancy as maybe i was not as far along as my dates suggested.

i had a blood test and my bhcg level was 232. i was sent home and asked to go for another blood test on 3/7, which i did and my level was now 256. an appointment was made for 10/7 for another blood test and scan.

on 10/7 my urine test came back positive and my scan showed my uterine lining was thinning but a mass.was found in my right fallopian tube measuring 20 by 21mm, and my bhcg lev came back as 74.


i now have an appointment for 17/7 for a further scan and blood test. i am really confused as to what is happening and why i am being made to wait again.

Sorry for such a long post but needed to get my concerns off my chest.


  • Hi Annie, I'm really sorry you are going through such a hard & confusing time. I havent had an ectopic pregnancy, but didnt want to read your story & run. Have the hospital explained why they are leaving you for a few days? Surely if they thought your pregnancy was ectopic they'd be wanting to look into it straight away? x x

  • Im so sorry to hear you are going through this. As you are still early days surely they can treat you without any further damage to your tubes? I presume they have said if pain gets worse go back??xx

  • thanks both, i was told if i get pain to go back. they said they are going to monitor my blood hormone level and the mass to see what happens. 

    just confused as i was told on 10/7 that they would be operating that day only for them to then get my blood results and send me home as my bhcg levels had dropped since the previous week.

    as much as i dont want to have an operation i am wondering why they havent just removed the mass. 

  • If the hormone levels have dtopped maybe they are hoping for the process to happen naturally? When mine started dropping they said to wait it out for a week and i did miscarry naturally. Do be mindfull of shoulder tip pain and darker bleeding too tho as these will indicate the need for medical attention xxx

  • I'm really sorry to hear this


    When I had my ectopic my hcg was still slowly rising so I had an op to remove my tube. It sounds to me they are hoping that yours will resolve itself naturally x

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