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Lost 2nd bean

Scan was due on monday got changed to Tuesday. 

No point even going now, got the worst news again this morning, just had to come home from work, wife had really heavy bleed this morning in work, like not just spotting, or even like a period, like through all her clothes. Can't believe it. I wanna die.


  • Desp2BDaddy

    OMG, I am so sorry to hear that! Sending you hugs!!! You must be devastated, but please do not give up! I am still devastated from my first mc 3 months ago and cannot get over it, but trying as hard as I can to get a BFP again. Do not give up guys!!!

    Lots of love and hugs to you and your wife



  • firstly let me say im proud of you, you are always there for your wife one day you are going to be a good dady.

    these things happen everyday to defferent people and we ask ourselves why me, why us. i had 2 miscarrieges and im preg i dont know what will happen only god knows. im sorry about what happen dont blame you or your wife be strong.

  • im so sorry to hear that hun make sure you go to the doctors  to make sure she dont get an infections  you can have bleeds what are causes from blood clot outside sac what are quite bad so get checked out to make sure your time will come and were all here to help you through this xx

  • Thanks guys. I'm completely numb. Knew it was going to happen because of last time but was trying to have hope. It's just so s***. Wife still going for scan on Tuesday to see what the score is and need to try an convince her to have d&c this time.

  • I'm so sorry mate. How is she doing? X

  • Thanks LH. She's been resting up and taking it easy. 

    Right, I know I'm probably clutching at straws and sorry for the tmi but... Mrs D2BD said that it wasn't all blood and reckons it was water mixed with blood. It wasn't urine but like a fluid?! She hasn't had any more since like yesterday lunchtime, is there any hope that this could behave been a burst cyst or something? I've read about them and it sounds like, whilst still not great, that this could be normal?!

    So bloody confused and stressed!

  • It's not over until its confirmed d2bd, can she get in at all on mon or still gotta wait till tues? I really have everything crossed fir u, I've heard of women having really bad bleeds and carrying to term so anything is possible! X

  • No, can't get in till Tuesday. I hate waiting but just got to sit it out. 

    Thanks, it's great to know people are thinking of us and I'm so happy you've heard your lil one today. FC I hear ours next week x

  • Hi d2bd, So sorry to hear about your (possible) m/c image im sure if you and your wife go to your local hospital's w&c's unit they'll take a look as a matter of emergency? Not sure where you're from so dont know whether it'll be the same as it is here but while I was pregnant with DD I had a scare and I went down to the w&c's unit and they gave me a US right away. Also ladies can have bleeds for lots of different reasons during pregnancy, it's not always bad news, although i completely understand your fears after going through it before. whatever happens, dont give up! It's just mother nature's cruel way of making sure when your LO does come along he/she will be absolutely perfect. Sorry for waffling image everything crossed for you and your wife x

  • Oh my god, you're not gonna believe this but... There was a heartbeat! Two sacs, one was a big bleed, so potential twin, but in the other sac was a little 4mm flutter!

    Nurse said that heartbeat was strong! I'm so delighted! Going back in two weeks for reassurance unless anything happens in the meantime. Still not out of the woods with that big bleed still being there but much more positive!


  • Amazing news keeping everything crossed for u all! X

  • Wooo!!! So pleased for you hun image good luck for the rest of the pregnancy,  you've obviously got a little fighter. Keeps us posted xxx

  • hi desp2bdaddy, thats great news congrats,i had the same thing 4years ago i now have a healthy 3 year old daughter they say she prob was a twin.  im now 31weeks preg again.  all the best to u both x

  • Got reassurance weeks on Tuesday, pretty nervous but hopeful because she's been suffering with quite bad sickness since last scan!

  • That's a good sign, bet u can't wait till tuesday. I'm sure everything will be just fine, I had my 12 week scan on mon am 13 weeks today baby was dancing about like crazy it was awesome x

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