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Feeling really down :-(

I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks in October which was heartbreaking for me and my partner. Since then I have had such irregular periods, last cycle was 38 days and this one has been 35 days so far and no signs of AF and just got a BFN this morning image I just wish I could go back to normal and have a healthy baby, it's been three months since my MMC and I'm just wondering if any ladies have gone through the same thing? Is there still hope for me?


  • Hi Amypea, sorry for your loss hun. My periods were a bit all over after my mc. There are lots of ladies in here recently that have had mcs & have gone on to get pregnant again. So far the majority of them seem to be doing well. You are welcome to come and natter to us all in the 'Trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage' thread. (within ttc after mc/ectopic forum). Wishing you the best for the future x x

  • Thank you supastar I'll have a look at the thread image xxx

  • Hi Amypea

    Sorry for your loss, i suffered 2 m/c last year with in 6 months of each other.

    My 1st m/c was july and the periods went back to normal right away, i found out i was 4 weeks pregnant again in november but sadly after seeing my baby with a heart beat i still went on to lose him/her and spent xmas eve in hospital having a d&c.

    Supastar and the girls have been a big help to me and the support is over welming from them all.

    I am sure you will have read on here many ladies do fall again fast after a m/c and i was one of them just sadly was not ment to be.

    Im hoping for a sticky bean in 2014 please come along to the group and have a read of the sories, i know its hard but we are all there for each other.

    Im ttc again now and my last period was 5 days late...i did get my hopes up a bit but it did show up, now in my 2nd cycle since my m/c and in the 2ww hoping for a BFP some time soon xxx

  • Hi Amypea,

    I'm almost the same as you - had a miscarriage in November at 7 weeks. I'm currently day 30 in my cycle and feeling tired and sick but had 5 bfn's this week. In my heart of hearts I know I'm not pregnant but I keep googling all the stories of people who test negative even when they are pregnant!

    I think one of the biggest losses for me with my miscarriage was the feeling of going back to "square one". I know that sounds pretty blunt and heartless. But all this cycle watching and BD on the right days...I'm so over it! lol. I sound totally ungrateful, we've only been ttc since last June. But I should be nearly half way through my pregnancy by now!

    Anyway, sorry for the rant. I've only been browsing the forum because I'm having a down day. But just wanted you to know that I know exactly how you feel xx

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