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Hi there ladies was just wondering if anyone could give me any advice on how i should be feeling after an ERPC due to miscarriage image... i had mine on friday morning all went well as far as i know image had to stay in over night (drs advice lol) i had no pain at all afterwards plus no pain when i reached home on saturday afternoon however from sunday ive had period like pain (was advised this is normal before leaving hospital lol) but my arm where they put the aneasethtic in is constantly aching im also feeling very tired despite going to bed at a reasonable time :\ has anyone else felt like this after their procedure?? any advice would be greatly appriciated image


  • hi hun 

    its an emotional thing so i would say some of the tiredness could be down to that. when i had my 2nd one they put the canular near my wrist which made my thimb go numb for a few weeks. as long as your blood loss isnt smelly or overly heavy dont worry also dont worry if you have days when its lighter the it gets heavier again but do take it easy.


  • Aww thank u so much for your reply puddy image I really thought it would all be ok and I'm surprised how much it's affected me emotionally to be honest some days I'm really ok and days like today when me 3 little ones are at school it's like me head does over time and I really question meself on what went wrong image the bleeding is weird aswell tbh I never bled much after the procedure just a few lumps before I came home on Saturday (sorry 4 tmi lol) but now it seems to be a brownish colour only when I wipe :\ not smelly or anything tho thankfully image lol it's a really horrible thing to go through isn't it image I'm sorry to hear u had to go through it twice image xx
  • it is a awful thing to go through hun so give yourself time. my 1st one was my 1st pg and i skipped into scan thinking id see a baby and was devestated when there wasnt one i was only 18 and it stayed with me a long long time when i was still with my ex husband we used to mark my due date by going out just the two of us.

    give yourself time to grieve. the 2nd time it happened i reconised the symptoms and wasnt as bad. i hve 3 amazing girls. but i still get sad about the 2 i lost. also when i fell pg this time i was convinced it would happen again even paid for a early scan and a few weeks later got another on the nhs even then i was terrified at my 12 week scan. sorry i didnt mean to ramble on lol

    trust me when i say it was nothing you did and it will get easier. the ladies on here are brill and you can always message me if you want to xx

  • aww thank u so much puddy image that means alot image im blessed to have three beautiful little ones but cant shake off the want for bubba number 4 image omd it must have been so hard for u considering u was so young and ur 1st pg then a 2nd time around i dont think i could handle it a 2nd time tbh i just feel so empty n cant help but think i should be enjoying my pregnancy and looking forward to baby moving n growing etc makes ya feel like ya wanna run away init lol n yep ur right there are some lovely ladies on here image n aww thnk u i will message u image how far are u now? bet u cant wait til bubbas here safe n sound in ur arms lol image xx

  • hi hun. how you feeling today??

    im 29 weeks and i cant wait for it to be time to have my 4th little girl!! 

    its hard and you will have your number 4. i count myself as lucky some ladies on here have had as many as 7 mmc and others dont have any children. 



  • Heya puddy im sorry i didnt reply earlier me internet keeps going down image lol im feeling ok thank u image doing really well now physically its just emotionally now lol finding it kinda hard to deal with at the mo image but im determined to get thereimage lol n awww not long to go now until u meet ur little princess image bet the time cant come quick enough lol image ur right there is ladies on here that have had to go through loads of miscarriages image and dont have children i guess we are very blessed to have the little ones we do have image  how are you? hope your well image xx 

  • hi you im fine thank you. without off loading on you to much my oh job ended which is a nightmare he was on a temp contract and he ended it a week early as hed got another job long story short they took back the job offer so he lost a weeks wages.and now has no job not ideal at this stage of being pg but no good crying about it i suppose but im more than a little stressed!!! if its easier you can email me

    [email protected]][email protected]   i dont always see when people have replied on here

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