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Miscarriage and possible pregnant again??

Hi Guys,

I have never posted a forum or blogged ever in my life but until now i have no idea what is going on with my body. On 4/8/2014 i was 6 weeks and 1 day pregnant, the night before i started spotting, woke up the 8th and was more then spotting so i went to the ER terrified because i was bleeding. they did an ultrasound and blood work and a pelvic exam. They said my HCG level was 940, my cervix was closed and the baby was placed right where it needed to be BUT the heart rate was only 73... i knew that it wasn't good to be that low so i was scared. the next day 4/9/2014 i went to my OBGYN doctor for a ultrasound on the baby and the nurse said i had miscarried and i was completly cleared out and wouldn't need a d&c.... traumatized because nothing made sense to me, the fact that less then 24 hours before there was a live baby with a heart beat... Yesterday was 2 weeks after my miscarriage and i had a follow up at my OBGYN and they did a pregnancy test on me and pelvic exam. the test came up faintly positive and they said my cervix was closed. so they ordered blood work and i found out today that my HCG levels are 247. i would assume that by now my levels would be lower then that if not completly


  • Completly less then 5

    After the miscarriage i bled til the 13th so 5 days. When i stopped bleeding me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex pretty much every day. For the past week i have been feeling very light headed and dizzy, nauseous, and lower back has been sore.Is it possible that i am pregnant again? or could this just be left over hormones and symptoms from my miscarriage ? 

  • Sorry you're going through this, mc's are horrific. Did U lose clots when U were bleeding? Seems weird that one day there was a heartbeat and then they said there's nothing there if U haven't actually lost any clots. Given the dates it's possible that you're PG again but it's more likely to be from the mc. The only way to know is to get bloodwork done again in a few days and see if your hcg rises. Took 6 weeks for me to get a neg test after my mc. Good luck Hun hope U get some answers and a sticky bean soon xxx

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