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is it normal

I had a natural miscarriage my periods came back for two months but now they have stopped again going on 3mths now should I be worried


  • Hi there, ru ttc again? If you are you could be pregnant, you could do a test to be sure.i am sorry to hear ur loss hun.if ur not it might be your body taking time to settle.sometimes ive found if im anxious or stressed my periods slightly out.hope this is some help hun x
  • Thank you kindly kimbo yes I've took tests but negative just don't know why periods have stopped especially since i did have them first couple months after loss & now nothing xx
  • Hiya, your welcome. You could give it another month & see if it might have a longer cycle. Mine vary from 38 -42 days.could test with cheap ones every so often.hope you get bfp very soon image
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