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I had a medicinally induced miscarriage on July 18, and it's 8/26 and I am still bleeding ALOT and bright red and big clots. This is tmi but this morning it started running out of me like water. Had alot of complications and my doc had to do several different things and last I was told it wasn't all out yet and she moved my follow up appt from mid august to middle of september.  I am scared that there is something wrong.


  • I would go back and see your doctor or go to the emergency room, that doesn't sound healthy sweetheart.
  • Agree! Hope you get things sorted quickly x

  • I would go to your a&e. That def doesnt sound right, you might need to have a D&C to make sure all the tissue has come out or it could be an infection. Either way im sure its something simple but best off going to a&e just to be safe and sure.

    Good luck


  • Thanks everyone, I talked to my doctors office and they basically brushed me off. I think it's both infection and all the tissue isn't out. I haven't stopped bleeding for even a day and only a couple days was it dark red almost brown like old blood, but all of it pretty much has been bright red. and my daughter put her leg over my tummy and the pain about made me jump through the ceiling.

  • Def don't accept that from your doctor Tera... I've had 2 miscarriages... 1st I had to have medicine like you, second I had a d & e... Neither time did I bleed or have severe pain for as long as you're describing. With the 1st the pain was severe & I bled a huge amount but it was all over with about 4 or 5 days.

    I would definitely go to a & e / emergency department!!! X

    Take care x
  • I am so sorry for your loss SW2 both of them. And I know I didn't even bleed this hard or this long after the birth of my daughters.

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