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Can baby aspirin work?

This is my 2nd mc now and just learnt about possibility that baby aspirin can help.  Is this true?  Last sat I had a mc at 8wks 1day and when they took my blood it looked very light as well as frothy. I was told that it had clotted in the viles so had to give more the next day. Could this mean that aspirin can help? And if so when would I start taking it before or after I know I'm pregnant


  • Sorry to hear of your losses Jax... i would def go & talk to your doctor about that... after my second mc my doctor did lots of bloodtests to look for clotting disorders so perhaps your doctor could do the same.

    good luck x

  • Seek medical advice before taking anything, but my cousins wife tragically lost their baby girl at 30 weeks, they put her on aspirin when she fell pg not long after and she delivered a healthy baby girl so there may be something in it x GL x
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