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Miscarriage at 6 Weeks.

Hi Everyone, On 8th October I went to the doctors as I missed my period (over 2 weeks late). They done a pregnancy test which came back faint positive, I went home and was so nervous as it was my first pregnancy so I went to the local shop and brought 2 clear blue digital, which came back positive. When I woke up on Saturday 11th I went to the toilet to find loads of blood, and bad cramping, as the day went on, it got worse, I figured that I was having a miscarriage. So, I went straight to RUH and done a test, they told me that the test came back negative, so I did miscarry. Today I went back their for a blood test to make sure everything has gone. When I arrive it was awful, I saw all this women heavily pregnant excited to see a scan our there baby, knowing mine had sadly diedimage I got called into a scanning room which I was confused about, they told me they needed to scan me instead. I really didn't want to see the scan as I would be more upset. Everything went naturally which im glad about.

Just wondered how long to wait to try again?



  • I'm sorry for your loss it's heartbraking I lost 2 last year in July and December.

    You can start ttc again when ever your ready they say to wait for one period cycle so it's easier to date but there are ladies that fall right away.

    I fell again in February this year and I'm now 38 weeks so it can happen fast, I would advise to take folic acid whilst ttc as I'm sure this helped me.

    My 1st was a natural m/c and my 2nd had to be done via a d&c xxx

    Hope this helps and good luck xxx
  • Oh I'm so sorry ???? I recently had a miscarriage at 6 weeks too (on 29th September) and was devastated. My sister had her baby girl 6 days later so I've been wrestling with feelings of jealousy and despair - and then real love for her. It's a crappy time!

    I think most doctors now say you can begin to ttc straight away after mc, but only you can judge if you're ready emotionally and physically.

    Lots of love xxx
  • Aww thanks Sarah; Congratulations is it a girl or boy? It was awful when I found out but all i can do is try again and January; I'm so sorry about your m/c, its a horrible thing for anyone to go through!image x x
  • And Sarah I'm on multivitamins which has folic acid init so would that help? X x x
  • Hi huni yes it should help a lot of ladies take stuff like that it can only do good image

    Thank you I'm having a boy, it's been a long hard road to get to this stage I lost an ovary and tube a few years back now so I knew it would always be harder to have babies xxx

    How are you today? Xx
  • I will, I've heard it helps a lot and aww bless! How are you today? Cxx
  • i have this thick white, its not itchy and doesnt have an odor but im just confused as to what it is...

  • Hi im kind of in the same situation as you.. i had a mmc at 8 weeks & had to have erpc.. 3 weeks on i have the pregnancy feeling. I took a test and can see a very very faint line on the first response took a cbd came back 'not pregnant' so now im stuck wondering am i?? I dtd 4 days after as was not bleeding. . So maybe miracles do happen.. will test again Thursday to see.. hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel.. xx
  • do you know whether you are tink143? Im sorry to hear about your m/c. I hope all is good!xx

  • hi bethany, thank you!  took another test this week as will be 4 weeks since the erpc but got a BFN.. image did have a beta test last week levels were at 2 so very doubtful,  now im just let in limbo as to when AF will finally show up.. i'll still be holding on to that little bit of hope until AF makes an appearance,  although i really thought by now AF would have shown up as not had any blood loss since the day of the surgery even thatt was only little, only seen when i wiped sorry tmi..  wish you imageluck wit TTC xx

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