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ectopic pregnancy scarring

Hi I'm 25 now, but at the age of 20 I had an eptopic pregnancy and had emergency surgery to remove my fallopian tube. A year later I had symptoms of the same thing so I took myself to hospital and got tur end away saying I was having a miscarriage and being a hypercondriact. The next day I was rushed into hospital for another emergency surgery to remove my other tube, as it was an ectopic pregnancy. Iv had to deal for 4years now at a young age with the fact that I cannot concieve naturally. I wasn't given much support by the NHS. My doctor sent me home with anti depressants and no contact for counselling. I could have found something for myself but as some may know when your suffering from such a loss you don't have the fight to reach out for help. You need help to reach out to you. I'm in a very happy longterm relationship now that has helped me with a lot of my issues. I know Im entitled to try ivf but at the moment that isn't my biggest issue. I know it may sound selfish but its my body I'm upset about. From being in intensive care, after a blood transfusion and being cut open more then once in the same place I'm left with scaring. I don't want to go to my doctors, until I have more info as its an embaressing subject for me. Does anybody have any advice on what sort of help I can get?
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