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My story 2 years ago I had a mc at 6 weeks started bleeding went to the epu and they scanned me and baby was fine they see a heartbeat and it gave us hope. That evening I passed something and we went straight back to the hospital and let them know of what I had passed . They have me an internal examination and said cervix were shut so definitely not a mc. They said they could scan me in 2 weeks!! We left that hospital me and hubby with hope!!! We decided not to wait and went for a private scan the next day to be told that I had lost the baby and I had passed it . What I'm saying is don't wait for news go and pay for a private scan you can get them done so cheaply now even if its for peace of mind that everything's still ok. I don't no where you live or country but the nhs here is crap ! If it is the uk you live in some mothercare stores now do scanning x best of luck and hope everything is fine xx
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