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Blood tests while having a miscarriage?

Hi ladies,

on Tuesday I was in hospital having a procedure to bring on my miscarriage, I also had my bloods tested. Does anybody know what these blood tests will have been for?

my dr has called me in to repeat them, and I'm getting in a state with worry over what they were for?

i called the hospital but they said they didn't know. Any ideas? 


  • They were probably to check the levels of hormones in your blood, and then the repeat test will be to check that the levels have dropped and youre no longer pregnant x

  • That's what I'm hoping & thinking too, just got myself in a bit of a panic. Any excuse to think I'm dying! 

  • Thats for sure what they were for... Mostly to track your hcg (pregnancy hormone) & make sure it goes back down as it should (hence the need to repeat). They did this several times with both of my mc's. They might also add on a few other little checks to be on the safe side to check your iron levels (make sure they don't go too low with the bleeding) & check for any sign of infection etc. that's all standard So please try not to worry x

  • Thank you so much for your reply, that's really helpful. Will try to calm down about it xx

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