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Bleeding but still getting positives?

started bleeding on Thursday, assumed it was normal AF but started to have a funny feeling something wasn't right, despite bleeding being quite heavy. Tested on Saturday got a faint BFP with a FRER but a negative on a cheapie. I have been testing everyday since and I'm now getting clear positives on cheapies? Spoke to an OB who said its a chemical and it could take a week for the hormones to clear. Phoned my gp who didn't seem concerned about the bleeding at all and suggested I start taking folic acid and book an appointment? I'm not in any pain, so neither the gp or OB are concerned about an eptopic. I was just wondering if anyone else has been through anything similar?? I'm more confused because I'd have thought that the OB would know more about this than the GP?


  • Hi happy yellow  I had something same in jan just past for 2 weeks doing tests nothing then came back a day after with faint line I mean so faint I needed a magnifying glass to see it. I had very bad cramps and bleeding  so they took me in for a scan I was only 4 weeks  so all they seem was a pregnancy sac nothing else went back a week later and they still only saw that but it had got a bit bigger my hormone levels kept going up but nothing was happining image  I went back at 6 weeks and that's when they told me there was going to be no baby I was devastated just got my head around going to be s mum again this happens to 1 /100 ppl and I was the one person so they gave me tablets to start the sac to come away since then I have had 4 normal periods and just found out I'm 6 weeks. Now image. Had my early scan today and there was a healthy baby in the sac also a strong heart beat but a lot of blood around it feeling on edge just now incase it goes wrong again x

  • Thank you so much for replying!! I'm so sorry about what happened last time, but a huge congrats for this time round!!!

    I'm just feeling so confused about it all! Neither the GP or OB want to do anything unless I'm still getting positive tests in a weeks time, it seems like a lifetime away! I'm just feel like I've been left not knowing what's going on in my own body! Even knowing that I was loosing the baby would bring me more peace than what I'm feeling right now, at least then I'd know what to feel, at the moment I don't know whether I should be happy or sad x

  • It can take a few weeks for your pregnancy hormones to leave the body but that doesn't mean you miscarried.

    Some women bleed heavy its left over blood from a period. It can be bad but maybe not? Hopefully not good luck and I hope you are okay!

    If you are still bleeding and pregnant I would of thought they might scan you weekly?

  • Thanks for replying!! If I am still pregnant id only be 4weeks 3 days, going off my last period. Both OB and GP said there would be no point scanning because they wouldn't be able to see anything. I'd have thought that being this early the hormones wouldn't have been that high so they'd disapper a lot quicker? X

  • Well I'm still in limbo! Managed to get a gp appointment for Friday but I had beta hcg done yesterday... 148 at 5+2 weeks so not really that high but within the range. Having another done tomorrow so I should know what's going on?! OB doesn't seem too hopeful x

  • Turns out my levels had dropped 48 hours later so it was a miscarriage 

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