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Help needed to make a positive difference

I hope everyone here can help make a small difference and support my petition for change. I appreciate everyone's time in reading the following; 

In March 2014 we lost our daughter, Clara through inadequate Risk Assessment, missed Pre-eclampsia and ultimately Placental Abruption. My girl's story can be read in this months RCOG Each Baby Counts newsletter.

 In memory of my daughter and for all the other babies who died in unexpected circumstances, I am hoping to raise a Government Debate in Parliament about whether inquests into Stillbirths should be granted to allow another area of investigation to help save more babies from dying unnecessarily.

Please spare a minute to SIGN, SHARE and SUPPORT our petition for change;

UK Stillbirth rate ranks 33rd out of 35 high income countries in Europe.

A Coroners Inquest into every Stillbirth where Signs of Life are present during Labour may determine what lessons could be learned from the incidents to improve Patient Safety and provide Answers to families affected.

Thank you xx


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