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Misscarriage or not? Confused please help


Very confused. So I found out I was pregnant over a week ago. Done a test then next day started bleeding so went to hospital who confirmed I was pregnancy and my hcg levels were 1228 then was told to go back to early pregnancy clinic 48 hours later for another blood test which had dropped to 900 . They still scanned me a couple of days later and nothing there. So said it was def a misscarriage. as not even the lining was thickening it was like no pregnancy at all.

2 days later I got some horrible pains in my stomach so went back to a+e who done another blood test which said has gone up strangly which was 1087 so not a lot but still up. 

so they sent me home and phoned me to to back in today to have another blood test and scan to check for eptopic pregnancy. the bloods they done today come back slightly higher again at roughly 1324 so still not doubling as they should. 

The scan I had today still didn't show anything. He found an egg in my ovary which has said is normal and will just pass itself. he checked the fallopian tubes and nothing there and no baby anywhere at all. 

He is saying it's an unknown pregnancy and that I have 3 options 

1. let it go naturally 

2. have the M injection his choice ideally.

3. operate which he doesn't advice at moment as not in pain. 

I said to him I will like to wait and let it go naturally as at the moment the levels are going up and don't want to just flush anything out. as I told him I am very uncertain on dates and could just be too early to see anything on a scan. 

he has booked me another blood test and another scan for a weeks time to see but he said then it will still be failing and will have to have the injection booked then. 

anyone been through anything like this before and had positive outcomes? 

thanks for taking the time to read this

we thought I had completely miscarried when I had all the heavy  bleeding but now confused. 

confused and worried x 


  • Hi I had one in July it took 8 weeks later for me hg levels to come down and the sac to come out of me  my period just came this week I want to come away myself because I want to try again soon x its the worst thing in the world to lose a baby I am still getting over it so I hope u all the best ! Alana x 

  • Hi thanks for your reply.

    Did you have to have an operation or the M injection? sorry not sure of name of it. 

    or did your levels just come down themselves? 

    I'm back in on Thursday for another blood test and scan.  but they can't even find the sac at the moment and I don't want to have an injection unless I really have to x

  • Just left in to come away myself yeah my levels came down it self I would think about it before doing anything and ask lots of things I wish u luck x Alana 

  • Hi Sparkles

    I had a missed miscarriage in November last year; my levels were confusing too!

    After 2 weeks I chose the surgical option, as I hadn't had a heavy bleed and everything still needed to come out. My HCG Levels dropped back to 0 after about 2 weeks, and then periods resumed on track in December (about 6 wks later).

    Only you can choose the best option for you; take the time to get over it mentally, I was desperate to start trying again, put a lot of pressure on the relationship, but am happy to say I am now 31+4, due on Christmas day!

    I think the M injection you are referring to is Methotrexate - not offered in all instances X

  • Hi, 

    I'm abit confused atm, a last month i just found out i was pregnant, because i noticed my breast where getting sore and darker then i started eating diffrent foods and when it came to meat i felt sick to the stomach and at one point i threw up so bad it made me hurl! and had the glow,since last week i can't feel any little flutters, i've had cramping and bleeding together but can feel a heart beat a little but can't notice any of the symptoms i had. am i miscarrying. please help i'm scared! 

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