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Heartache after miscarriage

Just feeling so down... I lost our baby at 7 weeks naturally. This was about 8 weeks ago and I'm still just as heartbroken as when it was happening! 

I understand it'll take time but I feel so false?? I'm so emotional and so sad all the time and no one seems to understand it! 

I want for us to try again but my partner thinks it's too soon. I'm worried that this feeling of loss will never go away until I have another baby to fill it with. i get that he went through this loss too but I find it so hard to talk about with him? 

Just feel so down but no one gets it.!?


  • Helen you absolutely are not alone feeling this way:( I'm so, so sorry for your loss. I too have miscarried 4 times the most difficult one I was at 21 weeks. That was November 20th. Since I have lost 2 more( but very early on at 5 wks) in April and July. My hubby and I talked it through and cried together for 6 weeks. We decided we would try again straight away. We only left it one cycle with the later loss. Like you we feel the need to fill the gap which is left behind. I almost feel I can't move on until I've completed a full term pregnancy. However I promise you it becomes easier to cope with but very random things will hit your emotions at an unexpected time. You take all the time you need to heal and crying and feeling sad is part of the healing process.

    Talk to your husband and tell him you feel ready and ttc again will give you something to focus on and look forward to. Explain it can take several months to fall pregnant again so you would like to start trying soon? If he isn't ready then that's fine too:) Keep talking it's so important.

    I honestly do get your pain and sadness and I completely understand.

    Lots of hugs to you X 

  • Thank you! I'm so sorry to hear you have gone through that so many times.

    it's just hard to talk about it? I mean tbh it wasn't something we had planned but when it happened we were both shocked but then over the moon? 

    I know he's being strong for me but I just wish I knew what he was feeling. I know I'll never know until we sit and talk about it but I'm frightened that he'll say what i don't want to hear?? 

    Its so comforting to know that someone understands Iv tried talking to my family and friends but I know they just don't get it!? 

    Thankyou for your support! Xx

  • You're most welcome I'm here if you want to talk:) x

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