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Please please help

Please please help me.

After two years of trying.. On the 25th I had 2x positive tests (morrisons home brand) on the 26th I had two positive clear blue digital tests 1st showing 2-3 weeks the second showing 1-2weeks on the 28th I had 2 more positive clear blue digital tests 1st showing 1-2weeks the second showing 2-3weeks. Please don't ask why I took so many I was just so excited

I've been having cramps and decided to go to the doctor who sent me to the hospital who did an early internal scan with a little wand. To check for an ectopic pregnancy.

The scan showed I have a pregnancy in my womb a sack but it's very small it measured 6.1mm and the foetal pole measured 3.2mm

She said this is small for how my dates work out (first day of last p) and it may be an early miscarriage.

I am so upset I don't know what to think!

Does it make any difference to your dates if your cycle is longer than 28days ??

How far am I ? How big is the foetal pole meant to be.

I've been left with so many more questions and I have no answers and I'm now an emotional wreck, my partners great he's just not too great with emotions I don't know where else to turn too..


  • Don't panic! 

    You could simply have ovulated slightly later than expected hence being a little behind, ( especially with a longer cycle, or a couple days longer to implant) they should re scan in a week or two to check how you are progressing.

    Unfortunatly a miscarriage is a possibility in every pregnancy but so is a baby!,  keep calm and see how things go at the next scan xx

    Scan dates can vary from LMP dates by over a week in some cases....a week either way is classed as natural variables so is fine and drs will go by the due date given usually at around 12 weeks.

  • Also cramping in early pregnancy is fine as long as its not extremely painful with heavy bleeding,  I know I had it alot with this baby up to around 16 weeks! I also had slight spotting at 5 weeks and 26 weeks, so far I'm 33 weeks and all is well so please relax and take it a day at a time, it sounds like you are just really early and there's not much to see yet x

    Best wishes 

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