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Brown discharge for 4 days!!!

Hi everyone,

im new to this really hope someone can help me put my mind at rest.

im 5 weeks pregnant with my 3rd for the passed 4 days I've had a brown discharge only when I wipe no pain today however it's seems to have changed to a watery discharge.

im convinced I've had a miscarriage I'm so worried has this happened to anyone else? Also I've done a clear blue digital today as I'm 5 weeks expecting it to say pregnant 2-3 but it's saying 1-2 what does that mean?

Thanks Tanya xx 


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  • I'm sorry I can't help but I know how you feel though. I've got a quite heavy brown discharge too. I had an early scan because of this and they said I could be losing a twin. Didn't know I was having twins. im 6 weeks, or was. Sorry I don't have any answers but I'm going through the same thing and the only thing I did was go straight to a & e and they sent me for an emergency scan. Now I've got to wait for another scan to see what's changed. Did you go to the doctors? Has it stopped? Xxx

  • Thanks for your reply,

    I did go to the doctors and they booked me in for a scan for next Friday 25th I was told they wouldn't do one before I got to 7 weeks, sadly though this Wednesday I went in to a full blown miscarriage 😢 I've still got to go on friday to make sure it's a complete miscarriage. 

    I hope your ok try not to worry and rest as much as you can. 

    Tanya xx

  • Oh god I'm so sorry. Thinking if you. Xxxx

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