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Implantation bleeding or early miscarriage?

I can't seem to find a straight answer online or at least one that makes sense to me. So my last period started on Nov 15th. I got off birth control around this time last year and over the months my cycle has come to average 34th days. I started bleeding light night and having cramps today. The bleeding isn't as heavy as my normal period flow but it's still somewhat of a flow for lack of a better word.

It's not spotty and light like all the websites say implantation should be. My period wasn't due (I thought) until the 19th. So now I'm depressed that this is simply an early period and not that I'm pregnant. Has anyone ever had a success story where they had a "heavier" implantation flow but still found a positive test?


  • I'm in the same situation as you. My periods not due til the 20th, but I started bleeding on 12/12 off and on for 2 days. My period is never early (more likely to be a couple days late if anything). It wasn't light or spotty, but definitely was lighter than a normal period. I'm worried that I may have miscarried already. Please, someone give us some input!

  • This is torture...I'm 6weeks tomorrow  (hopefully)

    Started bleeding yesterday and now cramping some today..They say I have to wait to get my levels checked in 48hrs to see if they doubled as they should..If not then Im losing my baby...

    Ughhh this is the worse waiting game ever!!!!!

    I'm sooo terrified and hopeful all at the same time..

    I do have 4older kids & got shocked couple days before Christmas with being pregnant  now this...



  • I had very light, almost pinkish color, blood when I had my implantation bleeding. It was only noticeable when I wiped after peeing. It didn't have cramps associated with it, but I did have a tight, almost twisting, "twinge" feeling when I believe the implantation to have occurred. It was on one side of my lower abdomen, & it was unlike any cramp or tiny pain I've ever had.

    That's not to say that what you're going through can't be implantation bleeding, however. Everyone's body is different. Mine did end in a MC so perhaps it was a bad sign that my implantation bleeding was so light, maybe it didn't get a good enough 'grip.' Haha.

    Good luck!

  • Hey jazz what happened with you I'm in the same situation as you were right now and I'm so scared. 

  • Sorry i've just read the mc. I al ver y Sorry to read that 

  • Thank you, the loss was very hard for me & my now-husband, we were just dating at the time last year.

    I wouldn't get too frightened just yet, we're all very diverse from one another, perhaps what wasn't going to work with me will work for someone else & vice versa. There are many accounts (online anyway) & tell us that light implantation bleeding is common, as well as no implantation bleeding, as well as intermittent bleeding throughout the 1st trimester. Blood isn't always a bad sign. However, since it can signal a possible miscarriage, it's gotten a bad stigma. Many women in my family told me, when I was going through it, that the bleeding was normal & so did the doctors I was in contact with (I saw 2 different doctors just to be safe about it). If that many people can say bleeding is okay, probably isn't too much to worry about. :) We are all different, so have hope! No matter what you go through, it will serve to help you know your body better & bring an awareness about life that I can be sure you did not have before. It's all very positive when one views it that way. Good luck! Ask any more questions if you have any about the 1st trimester. That's all that I have personal experience with.

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