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Just found I am pregnant after a miscarge last year

Hey just found out I  was pregnant can't be happy just case it happens again what should I do x 


  • Congratulations on the news. I have never had to go through a miscarriage, so I can only imagine how you must feel. My best friend had a miscarriage last year, and my cousin has just had one (and had one 2 years ago). I can only tell you what they got told.

    I know that it will be hard not to, but try and not over think and stress yourself out. Stress isn't going to help your unborn baby any. Try and enjoy your pregnancy. 

    I know a lot of women after falling pregnant after having a miscarriage go a bit OTT with trying to protect their baby, but again, the more you try and do it, the more harmful it could actually be.

    Don't tell everyone about your pregnancy until you are in the safe zone, or even afterwards depending on how you feel, but try and tell your closest family and friends so that, if it does happen again, you have the support of them around you. 

    I don't know if this has helped any, but it's what my cousin and my friend got told when it happened to them.

    Relax, and try to enjoy yourself. What is happening to you is a magical experience, and you shouldn't worry too much about it.

    hugs x

  • Oh man, I have also worried about my next pregnancy (whenever it happens) because I have had one miscarriage, too.

    Were you able to discover the course of your miscarriage before? Did the doctors discuss w/you at length the contributing factors & things you can do to prevent the preventable causes? Miscarriages, a lot of the time, have nothing to do with anything the  mom did, & usually have a genetic factor that was unpreventable. Because of this many nurses/doctors don't even take the time to discuss factors w/their patients, especially if it was only a first miscarriage. I think that's too bad. If your doctor didn't talk to you back when you had the miscarriage, I would suggest going back or setting up an appointment w/a fertility specialist who can help you analyze what exactly went wrong the first time... help you figure out a potential cause if genetics wasn't it.

    When I had my miscarriage, my doctors didn't talk to me (even though I'm in med school & they should've found it easy to talk to me), so a few months later I ended up doing my own research & coming up w/some reasoning to help me understand mine. It's likely that genetics played the major role in mine, but it was good to find some things out which COULD have also been the problem- like my thinner than normal uterine lining (I don't have heavy periods at all & my miscarriage didn't have a lot of material comparatively), my health (I wasn't on vitamins), my unawareness (I didn't know I was pregnant until I was about 8wk, so I wasn't taking care of myself like a 1st-trimester mom would), my husband's fertility (which we found out was slightly lower than normal).... finding out about all these things make me feel better looking forward about trying again or if I unexpectedly become pregnant again. Information is uplifting!

    I would suggest that you try to look into other potential causes. That way, you can know that this time around you have as much info as you can to be successful. Also remember that worry & stress will only make a miscarriage more likely. I was under a considerable amount of stress in the weeks leading up to my miscarriage, I wish I had known longer that I was pregnant! Try to relax & let nature do it's thing. It doesn't hurt to take whatever precautions you can, too, like no rough activity/rough sex, get STD checked (some STDs lead to miscarriages when left unchecked, like Chlamydia), stay hydrated (to build up that lining!!) & try to be calm & stressfree.

    I can only imagine what your worries must be. I anticipate having a similar level of anxiety if I get pregnant again. Wishing you luck during this very hard time!

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