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HCG Levels rising but not doubling

Hi all

So back in October last year I was told I was having a miscarriage which turned out to be a ectopic pregnancy and had to have an emergency operation where they removed part of my right tube and the baby. 

We decided to start trying in January for a  baby again and I found out last weekend I was pregnant we was over the moon. 

I am approximately 4 weeks 5 days I believe based on my last period date of 7th Feb. 

Phoned my local EPU as was advised to as soon as I got pregnant. 

I have had very light bleeding at times and slight cramping but nothing major and nothing like before.

I went on Friday to have HCG levels done which were 121 and progesterone levels were 28.

went back today for follow up for HCG levels and they had risen but not doubled. they were 169. 

She told me this could be a misscarriage or possibly another ectopic pregnany and to go back again on Tuesday for another blood test and go from there. 

Anyone been through anything similar..should I be expecting the worst again?

I'm 32 and we so wanted this baby.

Thanks in advance xx

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