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Pregnancy/Miscarriage symptoms please help!!!!

Hey ladies, i need your help. My boyfriend and i do not use protection. Im not trying to conceive but if i did i would be ok with it and be very happy.... I was supposed to get AF on march 7th. I was cramping for days but no period.  I was 5 days late and on the 5th day i started spotting. very very lightly. Then on the 6th day i started having clots which slowed down by the end of the day. And on the 7th day which is today, the clotting started again. I would go to the bathroom and blood would just start dropping out. I recently started cramping again and getting dizzy a lot. Ive never randomly just got dizzy before. It happens all throughout the day, and especially at night when the room is dark and I'm laying bed. I took a pregnancy test today and it was negative. I am probably going to make a doctors appointment for tomorrow but i just wanted to get some options. Do you think its just my period late or could i be pregnant or having a miscarriage? My periods are not usually like this. Im just so nervous and scared.

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