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Need Help

Hello, generally I just read threads and find my answer but this time it's NOT that easy. 

So on April 1st I had a miscarriage. It only took about 3 days for the bleeding to stop. I followed up with my GP 2 times to get my Beta levels checked the first was 48 on April second and on April 4th it was 38. Afterwards my doctor was sure that my levels were dropping and it'll be at zero fairly soon. On April 29th my husband and I had UPS. I haven't bled after that miscarriage and now I am testing positive. The line has been pretty faint but I tested again yesterday and it was darker then the others. Not sure what to think or how to feel, my husband is excited and I don't want to let him down again. I'm confused as to if it's positive bc of my miscarriage which tomorrow will make it 6 weeks ago or did I get pregnant again. There is no sign of AF. 

Any advice?

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