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Chemical pregnancy :(

Hi there.. just wanna share my experience with you maybe others can relate. Hubby & i TTC for almost 5 years got married in 2011. Been on fertility drugs for almost a year in 2015 six 6 cycles of clomid with metformin then decided to stop due to exhaustion maybe and the feeling of pressures. We decided to just relax and wait for our time. Then lately i discovered this cleansing onion extract ( not endorsing or anything so i will not mention name) been drinking for a month. In my own opinion got the feeling of ovulation like clear white discharge it also regulates my menstruation. June 28 af starts on July 14 got BFP in blood..happiest day. Got signs of pregnancy like white creamy discharge, back ache, cramping, and nausea. Tried to test home ptest but  turns negative.. i tot maybe it too early becauee im not yet delayed. Went to ob and did palpate may lower abdomen said she palpate somethinv but its yo small to determine and tvu is early and needed to wait for 3 weeks.. On July 28 yesterday postve brown discharge when wiping. Became heavy today so i decided to have serum ptest again got negative result.. maybe got a chemical pregnancy i dont wanna loose hope. Me and hubby will try again.. 

May the good Lord Blessed our Womb ☺

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