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Advice please threatneded miscarriage

hello, sorry in advance for the long post I just want to see if anyone has had the same problem as I am going through at the moment and if they have any advice.

i found out I was pregnant in July and a few weeks later I was bleeding heavily so I thought and assumed I was having a miscarriage. (I had one earlier on this year too). Weeks and weeks went by and I continued to bleed, when it got worse I decided to go to the hospital and it turned out I was 9 weeks pregnant! i was so shocked and happy they called it a threatened miscarriage We saw the heartbeat and they said everything was ok and this is common. So i went away worrying but happy. itnstarted to get better with small amounts of blood more brown then red. then I started bleeding heavily again! I called the hospital and went for a scan and everything was still fine! heartbeat and baby was doing well and got told I'm about 11 and bit weeks. but they said my placenta is low but not

to worry.  Since then it was ok then yesterday I had more heavy bleeding and it went on for longer than normal and took a while to settle down. I called the hospital and they said to not worry as I wasn't having pains and it could just be my placenta.

i should be having my 12 week scan done soon! Should I be worried? Will my bleeding stop completely? 

thank you to anyone that takes their time to read this x


  • Hi Katie, I have suffered bleeding in one of my pregnancies and a lost plug in one other. But not your specific problem I have heard of ladies having healthy pregnancies and babies with a low lying placenta. I believe as the pregnancy goes on they will keep a much closer eye on you. Try to rest and not stress your body to much. I hope your scan goes well and you go on to have a better pregnancy than it has been so far xx

  • Thank you! I'm trying my best to relax x

  • Don't know if anyone can give me any advice but I am 6 weeks 3 days pregnant according to my charts. I have been cramping since Tuesday pm and started light bleeding later that pm, went to hospital and they done an internal examination and internal scan, couldn't see baby but this is possibly due to being so early, I am 42 days past period but I am usually 34 day cycle, my hcg was checked and low at 158. I'm so scared of losing my baby (first pregnancy) trying for 3 years, was back at hospital yesterday with more bleeding but not heavy just when wiping a slight coming away. does it sound like I am losing my baby? I will have my hcg levels checked again tomorrow morning but its seems to be a lifetime away. I have lost my pregnancy symptoms since bleeding started. no tissue like clots although my gyne took away a large clot yesterday with second internal examination she didn't tell me what it was as she said my cervix was still closed. anyone who has had these symptoms weather it has been bad or good news I would really appreciate hearing these. any help... I don't think I can deal waiting another night with no clue what to except tomorrow

  •  stsf sorry to hear you are going through this, as my post said earlier I have suffered bleeding in one of my pregnancies and he is now a happy 6 year old. Unfortunately the blood test are the best way of finding out if things are progressing well. Try and get some rest and hopfully you will have answers soon xx

  • Thank you I will update tomorrow and hopefully will have some useful information for someone going through similar. Glad it worked out for you and I have my fingers a toes crossed for the morning. The wait is the worst especially under these circumstances. xxx 

  • I know the waiting he horrible I remember what is was like hoping but not knowing, the best thing you can do is try to relax and get some rest. X

  • i wouldn't worry to much yet! (i know it's hard, I've been a nervous reck) but not all bleeding and cramping is bad :) and it's good your cervix is closed! If the doctors don't seem that worried then you shouldn't worry.. x

  • They don't seem to positive but then I maybe just have a bad vibe.  I'm going to shut off now and head to bed but I will update in the morning.  Thank you for your positivity.  Xxx

  • Stsf2085.  I know it's an old thread but did everything work out ok for you I'm going through the same now x

  • This is my current situation Laura and I'm worried please tell me yours was a happy result?

  • Sorry I never replied.  Unfortunately for me yes it resulted in early miscarriage. Can I ask how far along are you. Your symptoms and what is your hcg reading. Sending sticky baby dust to you. Xx

  • Unfortunately mine was an early m/c as well last weekend 

  • hi, i just need an advice, i dont know if i was just paranoid of what have happening. I tested 1day before my due period and it turned out Faint positive and i tested another one the next day and its the sam as faint positive and i scheduled an apppintment with my Ob the next day. My ob advice me to comeback after one week which is tomorrow Because maybe it was just early to ensure that im pregnant. By the way i already experiencing symptoms of pregnancy as early as 2weeks after unprotected intrcourse. But yesterday i started to bleed at first it was just brownish color and just minimal but then later the evening it bacomes more heavy bleeding And red in color. This morning i tested with cheap pt i bought, and it turned out negative. I just worried am i experiencing early miscarries? 

  • I'm so very sorry but it does sounds as though you maybe be experiencing early miscarriage. A positive you are not having cramp as some people do go on the have successfull pregnancies. I hope this is the case for you.  Although I've learnt more than once to keep your hope up.. sorry I just don't want to have you so excited with hope. Please let me know how you get on. Sticky baby dust. X

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