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Could I be pregnant again?


I was wondering if I could please have some advise, I had a miscarriage 3 weeks ago at 7 weeks of pregnanc. I had an operation to remove he rest of the baby and to slow down the heavy bleeding I was experiencing.

My partner and I have had sex unpretected which might have been a silly thing to do but it was just in the moment.

2 weeks later after the miscarriged I did 4 pregnancy test and all were positive. Yesterday so 3 weeks later I did another 2 which were positive but fainter than the week before. Today I've done another test and its fainter than the week befores and yesterdays.

Is this pregnancy or horomones from the first baby.. I'm so confused. Do I wait another week and retest myself or just forget about it? 

Any advise would be wonderful and I will appreciate it so much.

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