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am i going mad!!!

Hello everyone I really could do with some advice, I had a missed miscarriage last year so was so happy to find out I am pregnant again however at six week I had some bleeding and passed a blood clot so had a emergency scan but thankfully we had a baby still with strong heartbeat they did see a subchronic haematoma and told me to expect more bleeding then sent me home I assumed that I would get a letter with another scan date in a few weeks but didn't.a few days after my scan all pregnancy symptoms went.and now I don't have another scan till my 12 week scan.I'm so worried its another missed miscarriage.any advice?


  • So sorry to hear that! Hopefully it wont happen, a lot of people all around the worlf have to deal with infertility and even couple of miscarriages, dont blame that on yourself ok? A lot of clinics nowdays give chance for having kids to women. They are all around the world: US,UK, Greece Ukraine etc. Dont give up on your dreams!! xx

  • thank you.its just so frustrating to wait all this time when I just want to know if everything is ok or not.

  • Really hope it's not m\c, dont be too hard on yourself, there is always a way to have kids, even with pcos or endo people still have healthy babies, dont give up on that! Fingers crossed for you!

  • yeah I know just don't know how ill cope this time with another miscarriage it's exactly the same as last time and I'm terrified of being told that I've been carrying a dead baby for weeks.that's what happened to me last time.

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