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Worried Sick About Miscarriage

I recently had a miscarriage at 6 weeks. I am now pregnant again and have reached the 10 week stage (i think due to my last AF being a bit strange). i have a meeting with the midwife tomorrow and am so nervous about the up coming scan. 

Last time when I miscarried I was sent for an early scan at EPU only to be told there was no heartbeat and that my levels had returned to normal. I don't want to let that experience taint this one but I am struggling to sleep at night or even be excited for this pregnancy at all because I am so scared something will go wrong. 

ive been cramping on and off but nothing too painful just little niggles and every time I end up doing another PT to check I am still ok. Is it normal to feel this way? I just feel like an ice qumen for not being as excited at my DH. 


  • hi didn't want to read and run. You are not an icequeen for not been as excited as your dh. This is just a normal reaction after the miscarriage. You are just in protection mode as you don't want to get too excited in case it happens again (which there is nothing to say it will) Just take each day as it comes and say well today I am pregnancy. I have my fx that it all works out for you, but I am sure it will do and when you have your scan you will see your little bean all healthy. let me know how you get on xx

  • Thank you for the reply. Today I had a call from the midwife cancelling my booking in appointment for tomorrow and she informed me that I have to wait 13+4 for my first scan. Its like no matter how much I tell them that I am anxious and feeling down they don't really seem to care.

    I don't really want to kick up a fuss but they found a cyst when I last miscarried and have called me to come in so they can check up on it but have told me that they would rather do it when I come in for my first scan. So not only do I have the added stress of my previous experience but now I have the worries about this cyst too.

    The only response I get from the antenatal clinic was to call back on Monday because the clinic was closing in 5 minutes and they didn't have time to answer any questions I had. It also didn't help that the midwife thought I was 8 weeks not 10 and was shocked when I corrected her. And also didn't seem to care when I said I would prefer to get in at 12 weeks due to having a history of Down syndrome in my family and wanting a nuchal test and not any intrusive diagnostic tests - of which I was told "they aren't that bad and we can still do them if you miss the nuchal" completely missing the point! Ive honestly had nothing but problems with them at this point i am contemplating getting a private scan or even switching hospitals. 

  • Hey you know you can admit yourself to the epu? when I found out I was pregnant after my 1st miscarriage I felt exactly the same.. I also had quite a lot of pain so I took myself straight up there I had to wait and see a doctor and because of where my pain was and I think because I had raised temp and pulse they scanned me there and then.  It's so hard not to obsess over every little twinge or niggle isn't it. If your worried I would defo go up there. I hope all works out fine for you!  And I'm no expert but my cousin had a cyst when pregnant it was fine they just monitored her a bit more closely and they removed it when she had her csec.  Let us know how you get on x

  • I'm with Charrlou, maybe take yourself to the epu and that way they have to see you. I know when I had my mmc they found a cyst also, but said its quite common in pregnancy and had nothing to do with it.

    I found out on Friday that I am pregnant. we were suppose to be starting another round or IUI but didn't need it. I'm trying to take it all in as its a complete shock that its happened naturally and after a mmc and chemical pregnancy its a little scary but I have a good feeling this time and just going to take it one day at a time

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