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Can't stand waiting for answers!

Ok so I got what I thought was my period on dec 15th and I was still bleeding on Dec 24 and my boobs were still hurting so I took a pregnancy test at around 10:30pm which was positive then I took another one at 930am on Dec 25th which was also positive. 

the bleeding is just like a steady period once in a while I have some clots but not huge ones and I am experiencing some crampi but not that it's unbearable.... 

I ended up going to the ER the night of the 25th and they did blood work at my hcg level was only 21. So they said I could be having a miscarriage and I should just repeat my blood work in 2 days. So I thought within 24 hours if I was having a miscarriage the level should of dropped under 20 by then and if I took another test it would be negative. So I took a test last night Dec 26th around 11:30pm and it is still positive .... so what are your thoughts on all this? Do you think im still pregnant or having a miscarriage? 


  • It does take a while for the hormone to leave your system nurse normally tells you to wait 7-10 days before re taking a pregnancy test, your better off getting an emergency scan if you are 5 weeks or further if not all you can do is wait and I know it sounds horrible I am in the same boat the now xx

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