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Hi guys, 

i need some advice. I found out I was pregnant last week! Which I am so pleased about, after a year and a half  of trying & 2 miscarriages. 

So today I should be 5weeks and I'm feeling good, just really tired and hungry. With my last two pregnancies I never had any actual sickness but I had a lot of nausea after food. By dinner time everything tasted awful and in the evening I couldn't shift the yuck taste unless I ate some fruit.

Looking back at the two miscarriages, I remember that feeling going and shortly after the miscarriage started. 

So I haven't even had that feeling at all this time round.

i guess every pregnancy is different? Do you think I've lost this one already? Am I just being paranoid? 


  • Every pregnancy is different I'm on pregnancy number 7!! I've four beautiful girls and every time has been different for me. For example with my now 2 year old I was sick from the moment I conceived but only in the morning this time I didn't start being sick until 6 weeks and it's all in the evening!! wi my 2 mmc I had symptoms to start with but they faded away by 10 weeks ish xxx

  • I think I got my answer. I started bleeding lightly this afternoon. :-( 

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