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Wanting to try again after miscarriage - how long should we wait?

Hello All.

I recently went through a misscarriage. It was natural and i lost at 11 weeks, both my husband and i felt a whole load of emotions these past few weeks. But both want to try again. When is it safe for us to do so?? Emotionally we are ready, but i dont want to put myself or baby at risk. It was our first pregnancy so advice would be great. Thanks axx


  • Hi I'm sorry to hear enough your miscarriage, I to have recently lost our baby at 10week gestatio. I was advised by the nurse at the early pregnancy ward that thy recommend waiting until at least one period after to try again. There were two reasons she said this 1, it always for us ladies to keep track of our dates to make it easier to track how far gone we are and number 2, this period can either be heavier or lighter than normal and can help to clear out the womb more than the miscarriage its self. My husband and I feel teady Tim try again but we will wait until my period has been and gone before trying, at the moment my bleeding has mostly gone but I still get the of but here and there. Also we are still dealing with babys cremation. So we feel best to wait a while longer. Hope this helps xx

  • Sorry about the spelling mistakes my phones auto correct is terrible 

  • The midwife's oftenly advise you to wait for a period but it's entirely up to you as long as you're ready. Only you know your own body. I had a miscarriage on the 13th may last year and I wanted to start trying straight away. I bled for a week after the miscarriage as soon as I stopped I started trying, I ended up falling pregnant on the 23rd of may I now have my healthy happy baby girl who's 12 weeks old :). So it's entirely up to you x

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