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Hey, sorry to sound so deranged but I am panicking. This morning I saw creamy brown discharge in my underwear, I'm five weeks, which is turning watery and yellow. I'm so sorry if I'm being over dramatic, my next doctor''s appointment is a week away and I just want someone''s advice. Does this sound like the start of a miscarriage? I had bad cramping before I found out I was pregnant but that's stopped... 

Help, I've been ill with worry and in tears! Thank you for any replies.



  • Hi just so u know I had this too at 5 weeks brown is old blood as long as it's not bright red.  lasted a few days but I'm 12 weeks now and fingers crossed all ok 

  • It could be implantation bleeding I had this around 4-5 weeks for 2 days and now I have a 12day old son 

    it's common to have cramps early in pregnancy as your womb is stretching 

    if you are concerned ask your gp to send you for an early scan 

    good luck it's normal to panic though 😘

  • @Sen83 Thank so much for replying, I was telling myself that, but still, old blood is blood and it plays on your mind. Phew, I'm just chilling the night, stress can't be good for the little one, thanks again c:

    @Emma92 Thanks for the comment, I heard about that but I'm sure I had implant bleed a few days before I tested... can a second one happen this late? And thank you, I keep trying to rationalise these thing's,  this is my first pregnancy so going off textbook symproms aha which never goes well. 

    Thanks soo much ladies, I'm feelin much better c:

  • Stay off google as that doesn't help matters lol

    ask your dr for an early scan if you want some reassurance 

    like sen83 said brown blood is old blood 

  • I had brown bleeding from 5-11 weeks, I also had one large amount of bright red blood. They never found out why but I'm 16 Weeks now and scans all look good.

    try not to panic, I know it's hard and believe when doctors say brown blood is old blood (I didn't and spent many weeks stressed)! 

    I hope everything works out with you xx

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