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Advice please.xx


I was wondering if anyone had any advice? My daughter is 8 weeks 3 days pregnant and today she had a private early scan(her preiods are very irregular and she wasnt sure of last period) the sonographer confirmed she was 8 weeks and 3 days pregnant and the baby was showing as 8 weeks 3 days gestation but has told her theres no heartbeat. She as had no signs of mc and she is healthy,she now as to go to early pregnancy unit on sat (2 days away) for another scan to confirm the baby as anybody else had a similar experience? Could the sonographer be wrong? She told her it could have died within last few weeks but how is that possible? Surely the baby would only show between 6 to 8 weeks gestation not exactly same as the pregnancy? Does that mean the heart as just stopped beating in the past 24 hours? Or am i seeing it all wrong.

Thankyou in advance.x

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