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How to mark the due date of the baby we lost?

hi all, 

we lost our first little one at 10 weeks at Christmas. It was one of the hardest things I've ever been through :( by some miracle I am now 20 weeks pregnant with our rainbow baby but it's the due date of our first on monday and I feel like we should do something to mark it. 

Does anyone have any nice ideas of where we could go/what we could do in memory of our first? We are based in bucks. 

Thanks xxxxxx


  • Hi

    so sorry for your loss. Its so hard when it happens and you never forget the baby. Congrats though on your rainbow baby, it will bring you so much happiness.

    You could always plant a rosebush or a flower in your garden or some place you like to visit. Or you could do something like release a balloon. Something only you and your other half do together and do it every year. I just think do something that brings comfort to you both. It doesn't need to be big or extravagant. Just something to mark the special day. It sounds silly now but me and my husband were on honeymoon at the time our babys due date came around and just went at got icecream and chatted and shed tears. And I think we will do the same this year. Only we will have our little rainbow baby with us as due in 3 weeks.

    Just be kind to yourself, and go with whatever emotions you are feeling on the day xx

  • Thank you sio :) I think we will go somewhere beautiful, some gardens or something and just have a day being quiet.

    Congratulations on your rainbow baby, I wonder if they know just how special they are xx

  • That sounds like a lovely idea stylish, just take the day as it comes.

    I don't think these rainbow babies do know how special they are but they will certainly be told many times xx

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