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Need some advice.

Hi everyone.

Basically I got my dates wrong and thought I was around 12 weeks, last Monday went for my '12 week scan' and the lady could not find anything, I had an internal scan and couldn't find anything (she also ruled out eptopic too). She said maybe I was actually very early and sent me up to early pregnancy unit where I had my bloods done.

I done a pregnancy test which was positive and then a blood test, called back 2 hours later and she told me my HCG level was 205 and I had to go back in 48 hours so I went back Wednesday and had them done again, this time they were 194.

The nurse said this indicated a failed pregnancy however it hasn't dropped significantly so they wanted me to go back 48 hours later. Went back yesterday and got my results and my HCG dropped to 175. She said they were dropping very slow and inconclusive And I have to return Monday for more scans.

I'm so confused as to what's going on, I've got no pain or no bleeding. I've had a miscarriage before and had major bleeding and major pain. Can HCG levels drop in early pregnancy or does it defiantly mean a miscarriage is on its way?

They can't give me any real answers image if it is a miscarriage, why is it taken so long and why have I had 2 in a row? has anyone else had the same experience? Thanks in advance and look forward to your replys xxx

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