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Am I having a miscarriage?!?!

I missed my period on October 28, took a test on October 30 (positive!) It is now November 7, I went to the bathroom, wiped, and there was light pink blood on the toilet paper, nothing too bad then an hour later just a tiny bit of actual red blood and pink around, then just back to pink, every time i wipe, i put a pad on but its not soaking at pad and hopefully it won't, but is this a sign of an early miscarriage if i dont take it easy? Or am I fine and this is common and I'm just having anxiety problems with this pregnancy? I've never had a miscarriage, idk why im so worried about it. And Ive had 3 other pregnancies, first 2 were born, 3rd (and please dont judge but i have to be honest) i had an abortion a year ago. My baby had medical issues, and I didnt want to bring a child into this world and watch them suffer and our family suffer. Please can someone help?


  • Hi there, spotting can be normal in early pregnancy. If the bleeding gets heavier and you get cramping then unfortunately it could be a miscarriage. Maybe call your Early Pregnancy Unit at your local hospital? 

    I hope the bleeding eases off for you. Good luck 

  • I agree with narla I had early bleeding n everything was fine with me but best to get checked out 

  • Thank you Narla and Lillian2410, I scheduled an appointment at my doctor. I will post on here after my appointment and give an update. You guys have definitely helped ease my mind, I pray that I get some good news.

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